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Wannabe president: NDC reject storms EC confused; scurries in vain

George Boateng Photo: Ayerkie Narnor
George Boateng Photo: Ayerkie Narnor

The paparazzi followed him up and down. Just for the lighter side of news. The man who was rejected and ridiculed for attempting to compete against President Mahama entered the head office of the Electoral Commission like a tornado, just to give journalists and all present a good laugh and a good moment to de-stress.

This is 46-year-old George Boateng on Friday, September 30, 2016.

The NDC General Secretary John Asiedu Nketia once described him as a “madman”, reason why he refused to give him, George Boateng, the presidential nomination form of the governing party in 2015.

At the first floor of a two-storey building, Mr. Boateng charged on a handful of relaxing journalists to hurriedly follow him up to the next floor where the commission is receiving forms of presidential candidates. These journalists obliged. Why? The man promised to give them powerful news.  Truthfully he didn’t ‘disappoint’.

In the room, while waiting for the commissioners, George Boateng first introduced himself to the media as an independent presidential candidate. In less than two minutes, his fate changed. He has been demoted.

“I am the running mate,” he told the media his new status which was hilariously received. In the proceeding interactions with journalists his status was like dumsor. Hardly would he finish a sentence without referring to himself as the running mate at the beginning and presidential candidate at the end.

The journalists then decided to turn the potential vice president into a laughing stock.


Presidential candidate

Mr. Boateng struggled to mention his boss’ name when he realized that he was usurping someone’s position. He finally gave out Lawrence Nketiah Kuti – he actually approved the spelling. Some officials of the EC, who were enjoying the fun posted across: what is the name of your presidential candidate? Sensing that he was being toiled with; he paused for a while, laughed over it and said, Lawrence Jamile Kutin. Who is he? “He is an NDC member who is also coming…” he fumbled.


Almost everyone who submitted forms came with a team of not less than four believers of their cause. But George was a lone ranger.

George Boateng said he came to EC’s office to first enquire about an “advanced petition” he submitted three days ago bothering on two issues that were very key to his Flagstaff House ambition. He also wanted to submit the nomination forms after his petition has been responded to.


Exemption Petition

He wanted an exemption from paying the filing fees of GHC50,000 as “first appearance” and extension of closing date for the submission of forms.

“We have a problem we want to know madam has classified [sic] or she has approved it” he said to whoever was interested to listen.

“The amount is very un ridiculous, because it is uncalled for, EC is not a revenue collector,” he insisted that the law does not allow it.  Which law? “I am talking about the PNDC law”, he shot back at the inquisitorial panel of journalists.


After running around for about an hour and making several calls, George Boateng had the opportunity to meet the commissioners [I counted six] including the chairperson Charlotte Osei.

Appearing troubled, he enquired if the EC has received his petition.

“Today I am here to receive nominations, not to receive petition,” Mrs. Osei told him. “I have already sent the petition,” he pointed out, but it elicited similar response, “I don’t know where you sent it to”.

“Ok, thank you madam,” George Boateng said in undertone which actually won the sympathy of all.

He slowly exited the conference room of the EC exactly at 4:25pm but signaled his possible return.


The countdown began. 30 minutes for nominations to end but he was nowhere to be found. 20 more minutes to go and all were expecting him, ambitious as he was, to comeback and complete the process. Others passed through and submitted forms successfully within the 30 minutes but ‘our man’ could not be smelled anywhere near.

electionscom-1Thomas Ward Brew of the Democratic People’s Party raced against time. He arrived at the EC well over 15 minutes before his form got there and yet he submitted it about two minutes to deadline.

The clock ticked, in minutes, seconds and it was 5:00pm. Poor George Boateng squandered the golden opportunity to work from the Flagstaff House between January 7, 2017 and January 7, 2021 as the second in command of corporate Ghana.

By Isaac Essel |3news.com |Ghana

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