[Video] The sad story of deformed brothers struggling to survive

The two were born with curvature deformity which has crippled them.

Her woes started some 13 years ago when her last two children were born with an abnormal curvature of the bones.

As a result, 48-year old Rebacca Okyere spends her entire day on the children who are struggling to access healthcare and education.

They cannot walk nor do anything for themselves.

It was about a quarter past 7:00 in the morning of Tuesday October 17, at Agric Nzema-Aburaso, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region.

In the corner of a semi-completed compound house was 10-year-old Eugene Okyere brushing his teeth.

His unusual position as captured in the video below by TV3’s Peter Quao Adattor, was not by choice anyway.

Eugene was born with abnormal curvature of the bones. All his two lower limbs are deformed.

In the hall nearby is Eugene’s elder brother, 13-year-old Marvin, who timidly looks on from his old and obsolete wheelchair.

He was born earlier with a worse form of the abnormal curvature of the bones; all four limbs are deformed and weak.

Marvin had fallen down days earlier and fractured the left arm, which is only being treated with a balm.

The cause of Marvin and Eugene’s conditions are not known.

Watch the sad story of Eugene and Marvin as they struggle each day to get to school and how they academically perform in school.


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