Video: 10 year old Teshie link road project abandoned?

The deplorable Teshie link road remains uncompleted after a decade of being under construction. The project, which appears 90 percent done, has been left to deteriorate.

This situation exists, despite the attendant dangers the 7-kilometre road poses to residents, motorists and traders, commuting from the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Center (KAIPTC) to the Manet junction on the Spintex road.

Patients visiting the LEKMA hospital have had to endure the discomfort of bumpy rides on the portholes-ridden stretch, which also causes miscarriages for expectant mothers and chest infections in the process.

Parents are worried that when it rains, children of school going age are not able to go to classes due to life threatening floods. Commercial drivers are also concerned about the growing costs they endure at the mechanic shops. Meanwhile, shop owners and businesses along the road are gradually folding up as they tell 3FM’s Johnnie Hughes on Community Connect, that patronage is low and the dust is unbearable.

They appealed to the Roads and Highways, the Department of Urban Roads and the Member of Parliament for Ledzokuku, Dr. Okoe Boye to urgently fix the road.

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Source: 3news.com | Accra| Ghana

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  1. Thank you reporter. This is what I expect journalists to be continuously doing for our society or communities. Please bring out such reports out there to the public so we can hold our political leaders in check. Go on to the hospitals and clinics and see the horrible nature of facilities in their deplorable state. Moreover, the kind service by health workers to patients or attendants are sad. Good work done reporter.

  2. Kudos reporter for your efforts to bring the state of this road to the attention of the authorities. I think TV3 should go further to calling the MP for the area and the minister for roads and highways to ask them directly what they’re doing or intend to do about the situation. It’s become a routine for reporters to tell a story, interview residents and give them the opportunity to express their frustrations and it ends there without any follow-ups. The problem with the Teshie Link road construction is financial because government owes the contractor for work done and the contractor, whose equipment are still parked at his site camp, will only resume works when the government pays him. Every now and then we hear the road minister mention monies that are being disbursed to road contractors and nobody knows which contractors are being paid. All over the country road construction has stalled yet whenever the minister is given the opportunity, he’ll mention huge amounts that are paid to contractors. Please TV3 and the media in general, can you follow up on the minister’s claims and find out from him specifically when the Teshie Link Road works will resume. The completion of this road is long overdue.

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