Unlocking Your Potential

As it is rightly said, the effects and impact you have on your society and community determines whether you have lived or merely existing. And this is where a clear distinction need to be made and a proper definition of your person should be achieved.

Hence, your purpose in life, which sets you in an array of discovering or unlocking your potential. This process will help you determine your unique talents and gifts, the interest and passions that you possess and discover.

This piece will expatiate more on how to walk on the path of what you have been created and called to accomplish; be purpose driven. Here are some key elements to guide you.

  • Come to the knowing that God has pre-destined you for greatness. Therefore your coming into the earth is not by chance or accident. In which ever form your came, to your father not being there for you, to you having to hawk on the streets to cater for your fees, you still came anyways and that isn’t by chance. God was still on his throne when all that was happening. You have got to embrace this or else you will live your whole life stacked in neutral.
  • Know that the world is governed by principles and not miracles. When God said he has given unto us the land, he meant it and he expected us to go take it not to wait for manner to fall from above to meet our needs .partaking in the ownership of what this earth has to offer is not achieved by doing absolutely nothing. Things generally don’t work out right, you make it work. The book of Joshua challenges us to possess what God has given us. In the book of Ephesians God says he has predestined it for us, all we need do is to walk in it. The world or the earth is ready to awaken it best self to aggressive and steady people who are ready to make things work.
  •  Celebrate you own uniqueness .This is one aspect of life that can either contribute to your success or put you in a mould. Because you are scared of being yourself, you tend to do things or follow the trend that seem to be most common and not work towards finding your own path. It’s good to be different, uniquely different especially when most expectations are the most obvious. Know that whatever u have within and whoever you are was purported by God because you alone can bring out whatever beauty lies within these elements you possess. Dare to be different, it’s beautiful.
  • Do not waste your time in putting your efforts into things that do not escalate your destiny. This is measured by a clear definition of your dream, vision and where your passion lies. What wakes you and what drives you. This underlying becomes a study guide to realizing your calling.
  • Build a good personality. This is far from having a beautiful smile to been approachable .It is about how your mind works and with which attitude you  approach, tackle and deliver on a situation .You can’t walk in the harvest you don’t see. Identify most situations as harvest not crisis. Having a positive personality attracts almost every good thing to you which might come disguised.  People who see crisis as crisis, drawn, because you will ultimately go the direction of your vision but people who see this as an opportunity are likely to excel. Keep doing what you have been called to do because whatever you pay attention to, you give life to. Don’t focus your minds energy to your enemies but pay attention to them and let their criticisms be a motivating factor.
  • Procrastination is a thief of time. Tomorrow has its own possibilities. Never postponed what has to be done at a particular time in a particular day. You may never know when you might be called for the bigger one. Learn and train yourself to be a man or a woman of your word, its called integrity, it goes a long way.

Source: Adjoa Luridblac|3news.com|Ghana

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