UN pleads with Ghana to deploy 170 police peacekeepers to South Sudan


The United Nations is requesting additional 170 police peacekeepers from Ghana to be deployed in South Sudan in January, 2017.

Ghana currently has a 440 police peacekeeping force in South Sudan, the largest from any member nation in the world.

The country joined the police peacekeeping operations in August 2015 after the armoured car squadron was re-organised into the Formed Police Unit (FPU).

A second batch was requested by the United Nations, based on the good performance by the first contingent in Southern Sudan.

The United Nations however says it will need more Ghanaian peacekeepers to prosecute its peacekeeping agenda.

Deputy Project Manager of the International Police Peacekeeping Operations (IPPO), Lance McCune addressing the troops indicated that “in one and a half years, Ghana has gone from no FPU’s to 440 personnel in South Sudan.


“In the next seven weeks, it wouldn’t be easy, it’ll be difficult, some things would be new but I can assure you that the trainees over here would give their very best and I know they’ll get their very best from you.”

Director of international relations, ACP Michael Awadetsi, admonished personnel who would make the final 170 not to lower the bar.

The 8-weeks pre-deployment training is being conducted by officials of the international police peacekeeping operations support from the US State Department with support from local trainers.

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