Uber launches in Accra; offers four days of free-ride

The Uber team

Online transportation network company, Uber, will from Thursday begin operations in Ghana to offer efficient transport system through a ride-sharing platform within the Accra metropolis.

With its Uber mobile app, the company connects commuters to drivers in real time at the touch of a button for reliable transportation services at their convenience.

At the launch of its services in Accra Wednesday, Uber announced a free ride for Ghanaians in the city to try out the new service between June 9 and 12, 2016 by simply accessing the complimentary rides on the Uber app.

The company says Accra was chosen because of its economic vibrancy, noting “With a thriving urban population, Accra’s 2.27 million people will have access to efficient transport through the ride-sharing platform.  Uber is excited to explore the potential of this dynamic city”.

With presence in 467 cities across 72 countries, Uber provides affordable, safe and reliable transport, through an easy-to-use platform to connects commuters to drivers.

General Manager for Uber Sub-Saharan Africa, Alon Lits,  says, “Accra is bustling, connected city that Uber is proud to be launching in. It’s rapid growth and multiple ethnic communities make it an exciting place to introduce our service.

“At Uber, we bring the world closer together by connecting global citizens to transport in a growing number of cities. We see Accra as a natural fit, because its people are willing to embrace innovation and technology and love products that are cool, exclusive and offer a new experience. We are able to deliver just that, safely, reliably and affordably,” he added.

Lits adds, “Our platform contributes to a broader evolution in global transportation where riders are empowered to access transport on their terms, in a way that is useful to them and sustainable for our cities. We are excited to add a the vibrant, growing economy of Accra to our global network.”

How it works

To access the Uber services, one has to download the app on his Smartphone. To get a car, the person has to touch a button and wait safely for the car to arrive.

When a driver accepts your request, you see his or her first name, photo, and license plate number. You can also check whether others have had a good experience with him or her. In addition, the driver can see your first name and rating.

You can contact the driver—and vice versa— through the app if there is any confusion around pick-up details.


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