Tentmaker’s ‘RAPTORKIDS’ programming prepares community kids for the future

Tentmaker Ghana, and entrepreneurial organization has launched a programme to train children in coding and programming.

Dubbed ‘The Raptorkids Programming’, the training programme is expected to equip kids with the right skills to meet global standards.

The programme is also aimed at elevating the creative abilities of kids in Ghana in order to prepare them to be relevant and make global impact.

“I believe we are gradually moving to the space where real impact will be made not by users of software or digital tools, but the creators of these common global language, i.e. computer programmes and codes, because each institution and I dare add individuals, would have to have the ability to write their own encrypted systems to be sure of its safety or they will be at risk to developers and hackers,” CEO of Tentmaker Ghana, Henry Agyei Asare said.

The programme will not only make the kids understand and write codes, but to also build global solutions with their knowledge.

Tentmaker Ghana, through its mentorship programme, is nurturing the kids to write educational, gaming and other relevant programmes for users.

The basic is for them to develop websites and build gaming apps for clients such as schools and other organizations.

The first cohorts, made up of children aged between 10 to 12 years have gone through the first stage of learning HTML and CSS codes which give them the practical knowledge of websites development.

“We will like these kids to change the narratives in the country where kids are seen at gaming centers and pubs gambling. We want them to set new agenda where they will make real income by writing computer programs for educational institutions such as digitizing schools lessons and information in an app form and putting relevant information in game format for easy learning.”

This according to CEO of Tentmaker Ghana will enhance learning and its application since students will learn with the excitement that will stimulate their creative minds.

Tentmaker Ghana believes Ghanaians have natural creativity, skills and abilities, which can be projected globally for economic value and social impact, hence its mission to inspire these abilities and creative skills to create economic value, impact and growth.

Source: Tentmaker Ghana

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