Teachers told not to see lesson planning as punishment

Mr. Anthony Amoah (seated left) and Mr. Samuel Duame (seat right) in a group photograph with the participants of the workshop
Mr. Anthony Amoah (seated left) and Mr. Samuel Duame (seat right) in a group photograph with the participants of the workshop

Mr. Anthony Kwaku Amoah, a Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Ghana Education Service (GES), has told teachers not to see lesson planning as a form of punishment.

Speaking, as a resource person, at a training workshop for some teachers on lesson planning, lesson implementation and classroom management at Julidem Academy in Budumburam recently, Mr. Anthony Amoah said it was improper for a teacher to attempt to deliver an instruction to learners without an advanced preparation and use of lesson notes.

“As teachers, we know that teaching is a profession and a service, and so the need for us to act in ways that impact well on the lives of the children that we teach.

“Effective preparation before any lesson, including having to prepare your scheme of work, lesson notes and instructional aids, is not any punishment. They are the things that we need to do so as to teach well.

“Do not begrudge your head-teacher just because he or she is insisting that you write your lesson notes and prepare very well before you enter the classroom to teach”, Mr. Amoah said.

Mr. Samuel Duame, the proprietor and head-teacher of Julidem Academy, applauded teachers for the work that they do, indicating, “But for the teacher, children would have been at home or loitering about on the streets doing things that could destroy their lives.

“As I appeal to the government and the GES to support us with the needed infrastructure and resources for us to teach well, teachers should also learn to improvise the resources that are not readily available.”

Source: Erasmus Quaning |, Budumburam (C/R)

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  1. I beg to differ with this notion. I personally see this lesson notes preparation as waste of time. Why? The time spent on writing the notes on the topic(s) which has been taught by the same teacher overs the years could be used to research and get additional information for the lesson delivery. What is important is the preparation of the Scheme; the topics to be treated within the term. This will guide the teacher to deliver within time the topics within the term. Moreso, the teachers do not use the lesson notes in teaching. All the teachers require are the syllabus and the textbook(s) so that based on the scheme he/she has prepared the lesson will be delivered successfully.
    The lesson notes preparation is really a punishment and waste of time if you ask teachers. It should therefore be abolished in our institutions but teachers be made to prepare their scheme of work which is very important.

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