Tagoe-Saucedo bout: Referee Barnor defends 10th round stoppage decision

IBO referee Roger Barnor has defended his tenth round stoppage of the IBO Lightweight bout between Emmanuel ‘Game Boy’ Tagoe and Fernando Saucedo last Saturday.

The fight drew controversies after it was stopped by referee Barnor, and eventually judged Game Boy as the winner.

Tagoe was adjudged the winner of the bout despite most boxing purists claiming he had not done enough to deserve a technical knockout.

The Ghanaian was visibly in playful mood with dancing antics in the ring while his decision to hit the back of Saucedo’s head also drew criticism.

Saucedo also played his part in a bout said to be underwhelming in recent fixtures in Ghana but Barnor’s decision to call off the fight has been the biggest talking point, and he defends in his decision.

“I never ever made that decision for Tagoe to win by a knock-out at the time of the stoppage.

“People don’t actually understand the game of  boxing if they do they will say I did a great job by going into the rules of the book and applying what needs to be applied,” the international boxing referee said in an exclusive interview with TV3 Sports.

“Boxing is a very interesting game…and I will always say two different fighters, big different fights.

“What Tagoe did, what [then] will you say of Mayweather and then McGregor?

“Tagoe-Saucedo was better than Mayweather-McGregor, if we will be speaking the truth because McGregor knew nothing about boxing but Mayweather felt he needs to give him a chance. Mayweather would have finished the fight in Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 if he wants to but maybe he wants to entertain the world.”

By Thierry Nyann||Ghana

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