by Louisa Twum-Baah

December 30, 2016
The best of 2016 elections"]

[Photos] The best of 2016 elections

This year was quite a much-tensed one because of the general elections but God was once again merciful towards us for the peace before, during and after the elections.


An officer casting his vote

The 1st and 2nd times of the Special Voting went smoothly and the highly anticipated December 7th public one was no different.

One thing that makes me proud to be a Ghanaian apart from the fact that we are peaceful is the fact that we are so loving and generous towards each other.

Moving from one polling station to another, there was so much to be proud off. The aged being assisted by the young ones to be able to vote, respect for authority and tolerance of each other.




One main polling station that caught my attention was located at the compound of the Faith Way Church in Alajo. The founder, Mama Selina, as she’s popularly known, kindly assisted the polling agents with chairs and tables from her church auditorium to conduct their activities well. The founder also made chairs available for the aged and those who were tired as they queued to cast their vote. Above all, she provided food and drinks for all the polling agents.  Acts like these make me proud to be Ghanaian.


Founder of the Faith Way Church packing food and drinks for the polling agents


Mama Selina speaking with some people in the queue


A child with a chair from the Faith Way church auditorium


Some voters seated comfortably on chairs from the Faith Way Church

Let the flag of Ghana be raised and God be praised. Election 2016 is the best I have witnessed so far and not forgetting the fact that Onaapo, which was composed for the NDC as their campaign song, has become the favourite of many even the NPP. What a country!



By Louisa Twum-Baah||Ghana

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