[Photos] Ghana Home and Lifestyle fair takes off in Accra

The Ghana Home & Lifestyle Fair 2017 is underway at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra where the big brands in the real estates, manufacturing, electronic and home deco & accessories have gathered.

The event which was launched on Friday, November 24 will run till November 26, 2017. Patrons are being offered the biggest ‘super discounts’ for all products on display.

General Manager for MG TV (TV3), Beatrice Abbey, flanked by other management members of the Media General Group launched the event powered by Planet One Multimedia, 3FM 92.7 and TV3.

Source: | Ghana

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  1. It is heartening to note that we are wearing Ghanaian clothes.They are locally designedmand one can see a lot of business there for designers and makers of these things.The items include footwear , beads and other accessories.The one area that I would love to see a change is in the hair department.Is it possible to go to our natural hair and see what we can do with it, so we look good without looking artificial.As it is now, you see a Ghanaian lady beautifully turned out in nice elegant African/Ghanaian outfit from shoulder down.On top you find a caricature that you cant describe charitably.Some of the wigs and weaves and whatsit is just plain ……..Of course there is a business lobby out there which rakes in billions in profits.This lobby is interested in the wigs, lotions, creams, relaxers, combs, stretchers, washers, dryers etc which are all associated with and are complementary and additional to the HAIR INDUSTRY.And of course ALL yes ALL of it is imported; and therefore adds to our balance of trade and, consequently, the strength – or weakness – of our Cedi. Is anybody taking NOTICE.
    James, Takoradi, Ghana.

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