N/R: Opposition parties issue 7-day ultimatum for tariff reduction

North Region OPP

Executives of some opposition political parties in the Northern Region have issued a seven-day ultimatum to government to reduce the hikes in electricity tariffs.

Electricity consumers of the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCO) have come under 200% to 300% upsurge in power purchasing.

This has resulted in anguish among consumers and to cut cost of operating hours, some businesses including radio station in the metropolis have reduced the hours of operation.

Most business owners have laid off workers with the few struggling to stay afloat with the current trend in electricity consumption.

Some pharmacy operators expose consumables to open air because they cannot afford to use air conditioners to preserve consumables which in turn expose consumers to health hazards.

Dressmakers, barbers, cold store operators and businesses in general are among the worst-hit in the hikes in electricity consumption thus has called for a reduction to alleviate the plight of the ordinary northerner.

Opposition political parties stated this in a joint press conference held in Tamale.

They said the government has defied its promise to increase tariffs by 60 per cent hence issuing government an ultimatum to reduce the current tariffs which has overburdened the ordinary Ghanaian.

Members are also asking government if his pronouncement to reduce electricity tariffs in Accra by July 1 covers consumers in the Northern Region and if it does not then they are demanding President John Dramani Mahama to immediately include the Northern Region.

“Reduce electricity tariffs now by at least 50 per cent within one week or face the full force of the anger of the people of the Northern Region,” leader of the group and Director of Communication of the New Patriotic Party Mohammed Abdul Kudus said.

Secretary of the Dressmakers Association Adam Huzeru lamented on the current state of their businesses which he said has dwindled due to the inability to afford extra power.

“GH¢50 of power before the beginning of 2016 could last a month but currently even with GH¢ 300, you struggle to end the month with it,” and this is affecting the income levels of members, he lamented.

By Zubaida Ismail|3news.com|Ghana


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