NPP polling station executives chase constituency chairman for register

File photo of NPP supporters

Aggrieved New Patriotic Party polling station executives in the Ellembelle constituency of the Western Region stormed the residence of the constituency chairman Friday to demand original copy of their voters’ register.

The executives accused the chairman, Samuel Akainyah, of withholding registration forms to ensure that only his supporters register for the party’s incoming internal elections.

According to them, Mr Akainyah wants to use unorthodox means deprive other party members from voting in the election in order to maintain his seat as the constituency chairman.

“This morning a group of us went to the constituency chairman’s house to demand the original polling station register because what the chairman gave us is not the original register,” Constituency polling secretary Ntiakoh Andoh told Connect FM.

He claimed what the constituency chairman gave them was “a photocopy,” which he argued that “per the party structure, what he gave us was not authentic”.

He denied claims that they had gone there to attack the chairman saying “went there for the correct album to register our people.

“As constituency polling station executives, we won’t allow one person to take the party into ransom. We went there demanding the register and he promised to give us this evening.

Mr. Andoh denied reports that they had gone to the chairman’s house to attack him.

It took the intervention of the Police to calm the executives.

Ellembelle Police Commander Supt. Thomas Bayor Friday afternoon called a meeting between the executives and the chairman to resolve the issue.

By 3news.com|Ghana

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