NPP failed to add a single room to reduce housing deficit – Fifi Kwetey


The Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Fifi Kwetey has berated the opposition New Patriotic Party for its inability to construct “even a single room” to reduce the housing problem the country faces whilst in government.

According to him, under the eight years reign of the NPP, it received a total revenue of 22 billion dollars between 2001 and 2008, and yet it performed abysmally in terms of infrastructure.

Whilst the NDC between 1993 and 2000 with just 2 billion dollars was able to construct seven polytechnics, three universities, three regional hospitals, but the NPP “even though they had so much revenue than us” could not put up a single university, polytechnic or regional hospital.

Speaking at the launch of the NDC manifesto in Sunyani on Saturday, Fifi Kwetey mentioned the housing projects executed under the NDC government including that of Adenta, Sakumono, Dansoman, Tema Community3  between 1993 and 2000, and many more in all the regional capitals.

“How many houses did the NPP build, zero. Not even one chamber and hall, not even one single room was completed under the eight years of NPP.

“So when you hear them tell you that it is because we had more money than they had, lies.”

The NDC under President Rawlings did more because they were committed to the welfare of Ghanaians, hence the reason to believe in promises by the Mahama-led administration; someone coming from a tradition of doers, he pointed out.

“They do the talking, we do the doing; that’s the difference between them and us. They are empty barrels that make a lot of noise, we are full barrels we don’t make a lot of noise but we deliver when it matters most,” Fifi kwetey said.

Under the second term of Mahama, he said he will continue the “unprecedented” water programs as well as other sanitation projects.

“This is like a relay match, jerry Rawlings ran it very fast, and handed the baton to Kufuor, Kufuor ran very slow race and caused us to be behind, Prof. Mills took the baton and ran extremely fast, and handed it to the fourth person for the 100 meters, that is John Dramani Mahama and he is going at supersonic speed to make sure he completes what Kufuor could not do and add it to what Jerry Rawlings and Prof. Mills did.”

Source: 3news.com  | Ghana

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