by Stephen Kwabena Effah

November 13, 2017

No more V8s; ministers to use Camry, Corolla – Gabby

Ministers of state and their deputies will from 2018 start using saloon vehicles [Camrys and Corollas] instead of Toyota Landcruiser V8s as part of a cost-cutting measure to be introduced by the Akufo-Addo administration, Mr Gabby Asare Otchere-Darko has said.

In a Facebook post, he said:

“I hear so much talk about V8 this month and I am a little confused. What I do know is that the Minister of Finance has stubbornly refused to buy the usual Toyota Land Cruiser V8 or what-have-you for ministers since the change in Government,” Mr Otchere-Darko posted on Facebook on Monday.

“Even the vehicles that were ordered by the previous Government have had to be audited and stalled and audited with little appetite for them except that the contract may have to be honoured even after some necessary adjustments.

“I am also aware that the Finance Minister is in fact planning to buy Toyota Camry, Corolla and the like for Ministers and their deputies, etc. from 2018 onwards. So why all of a sudden all the talk as if there is rather a surge in V8 numbers procured for Govt officials? The irony of social media campaigns, sometimes,” the added.

Source Graphic Online

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  • Nana Yaw says:

    …A country that has little or no Ambulance vehicles for emergency services has V8’s and SUV’S for MP’s and state officials…Our lack of seriousness in Nation Building keeps me scratching my head.
    If Nana means business he should use all these V8’S for Ambulance services.Our country depends on this.
    I am Nana Yaw

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