NDC chair advises against anti-Mahama agenda 2020

Former President Mahama says it is premature to decide whether to contest to lead the party into election 2020.

The Western Regional chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Michael Aidoo, has advised other regional executives against any form of persuasion that could result in an ‘anti-John Mahama 2020 agenda’.

He maintained the party’s grassroots prefer the candidacy of former President Mahama.

The 10 regional chairmen of the NDC on Thursday called on Mr. Mahama to consider leading the party into the 2020 general elections due to the overwhelming support from the grassroots of the party.

Some critics say the move by the regional chairmen could undermine a level playing field for other members of the party who have shown interest in leading the NDC.

Others, especially some key NDC members and figures have described the endorsement as unnecessary because it could derail the peace and unity efforts being championed by the party.

Former President Mahama has meanwhile said it is premature for him to make known if he has any intention to contest the 2020 presidential election

“On the issue of considering the request of party colleagues and supporters to lead the NDC to the 2020 Elections, HE John Mahama’s position, as stated in Cape Coast, remains that it will be premature to announce his decision whether or not to contest, in view of the ongoing reorganization efforts of the Party,” a statement issued Friday said.

In the midst of that, a communiqué signed by the Western Regional Secretary, Joseph Nelson, purported to have issued by a Western Regional Consultative Forum surfaced Saturday.

Per the communiqué, the Forum was said to have expressed worry over the decision of the party’s 10 regional chairmen to endorse Mr. Mahama as the preferred candidate for the party in the 2020 general elections.

“The meeting was of the view that such untimely declarations have the potential of undermine the on-going efforts at reconciliation and urged the Council of Elders and NEC to act to instil party discipline,” the communiqué stated in part.

But the Regional Chairman described as unfortunate, the supposed stance taken at the consultative forum, claiming his regional secretary may have signed the communiqué to that effect under compulsion.

He challenged the authenticity and the authority of the communiqué since the party does not recognize any consultative assembly.

He said though he was not present at the forum, his sources have revealed participants did not discuss the content of the communiqué relating to the endorsement of John Mahama by the 10 regional chairmen.

“I have spoken to about 6 people who attended the meeting. They all claim that was not discussed for the meeting to issue a communiqué but somebody just mentioned it that they were not happy about what the regional chairmen had done,” he stated.

He thus wants the communiqué to be treated as “rubbish” for which reason it should be thrown into “dust bin”.

The regional chairman accused some members of the Accra-based NDC Western caucus (advisory body to the regional executive committee) as those behind the communiqué purposely to pursue their “selfish interest”.

Accra-based NDC Western caucus, according to Mr Aidoo, though recognised due to the role they play, it is unconstitutional, hence their role cannot be interchanged with that of the regional executive committee

He cautioned them to desist from superimposing any decision on the region stating, “so long as I remain the regional chairman nobody can dictate to the region…to think that they will dictate to us is wrong is a mistake and I will never ever allow that to happen”.

He reaffirmed his stance of endorsing former president Mahama for the 2020 presidential elections.

By Loveridge Ampratwum Okyere|3news.com|Ghana

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  1. In my opinion the NDC party should choose another person to battle Nana Addo instead of bringing back Ex president. Choosing another candidate will help them marketing him to 2024 election. Because whoever context with Nana Addo 2020 will definitely lose. He is eye of Ghanaians and their hope for now. God bless our beloved country Ghana ??????

  2. Perfectly said. I strongly believe that even though Pres Mahama remains a formidable and marketable candidate, he has had his time. He became Pesident through circumstances beyond everyone’s control and really did his best. I do feel that he should take a back seat and allow other party stalwarts to contest and lead the party. It will be best if he can assume a neutral role in these contest to provide a level, uniting and healthy playing field for all. We have a 2 living ex Presidents and we all know how the former unfortunately has chosen to conduct himself. A way which sincerely speaking does not paint a fatherly figure to the discerning silent majority of party faithfuls. We aren’t naive stooges. But very discernible reasoning masses. Some may think our recent defeat was down to the candidate. But I beg to differ! It was a call to order! For all in position and roles of trust to put their conduct and utterance to order. Including their homes! Ours is a party formed as a symbolic hope of unity, determination, rage against rots and elitism, impunity by the status co. Yes, the only party that gives real power to the people, with ideals based on probity and accountability and love for God and country. My dear JM, you have done your best, please assume your role as a peaceful, neutral, uniting, affable, forward thinking and all embracing father. Let your presence and words give us reason to reason to be hopeful as our late leader Atta Mills would have symbolised. Your enduring place in our heart can never be and must never be tarnished.

  3. In my opinion, it is not politically prudent to present John Mahama again as the NDC’s presidential candidate in 2020.
    he has served his term and lost.The reasons why he lost the 2016 election are not gone, they are still with him even if you refurbish and present him they will forever be with him. He lost the seat massively as an incumbent president first in our country’s election history, an indication of his ‘rejection by Ghanaians’
    i am not a politician,my suggestion to the NDC leadership is the find some one competen and appealing and begin to market him now instead of trying to impose JM on the supporters.
    ‘nobody goes to the market to buy a stinking meat’
    present a ‘fresh meat” who has the chance to last two terms.

    Pastor kwadwo Saint

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