Meet Charlie Christensen, the man who has been walking for 2 years

Charlie Christensen is a man on a mission to raise funds for clean water for residents of some communities within Africa with no access to clean water.

The philanthropist, who has been walking for over two years, does the ‘Walk for Water’ to symbolize the long walk many people have to embark on in search of clean water.

“I was living in Tanzania to volunteer, and I experienced how people were suffering from lack of clean water, and it became a life mission to try and give them this water,” the philanthropist told the host of Sunrise, Winston Amoah, on 3FM.

Charlie Christensen, who has been to 17 countries, reaches out to companies in these countries to sponsor water systems to be built in communities that lack access to clean water.

According to Charlie, philanthropy helps him fulfill his life purpose knowing his actions help save the lives of people, adding he gets happiness through a combination of his passion and compassion for humanity.

By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana

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