‘Medical doctor’, nursing mother, 20 others arrested for prostitution

Some of the suspected prostitutes

The Cantonments Divisional Police Command has rounded up 22 suspected commercial sex workers operating within the Togo embassy roundabout enclave.

Some of the suspects including a medical doctor and a teenage nursing mother have been engaged in the commercial sex activity for years.

The 22 suspects are made up of 12 Nigerians, four Ghanaians, two Togolese, two Liberians, one Beninese and one Cameroonian.

They are between 15 and 35 years and operate around the Togo Embassy, Cantonments Post Office, Italian Embassy, Akufo-Addo round about and other places within cantonment..

One of the Nigerians, who claimed to be a medical doctor, relocated to Accra 21 years ago and has been practising as a prostitute all these while.

According to her, she has a child whom she sent back home to stay with her mother in Nigeria. This is the second time she has been arrested in four years for engaging in prostitution.

The youngest suspect, a Ghanaian, who is 15 years old  is nursing a seven month old child.

She said she always leave the baby in the care of a friend to seek for sex partners around the Togo embassy.

The suspects also included 24 year old twins from Nigeria.

They relocated to Ghana this year to join others in the oldest profession and also pitched camp at Cantonments.

The police said the suspects were swooped on following persistent public complaints over the commercial sex workers continuous nuisance in the area.

All 22 are to be put before court charged with illegally soliciting for sex.

By Peter Adattor | | Ghana

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  1. I wish the media will follow this story to the end. What the police normally do with these prostitutes is, collect money from them or sleep with the beautiful ones among them and that will be the end of the story. Also what happened to the men who sleep with these prostitutes?

  2. Jesus said let him who have sin not before cast a stone on this woman. Let’s see what happens in the court,will justice really be served. Will all the men who slept with them be prosecuted as well? for justice. Remember those so called prostitutes would not exist if no man goes to bed with them.

  3. yes oooo, the media needs to do follow-up on this case seriously or else it want go anywhere and they will come backto their usual place to continue their job.

  4. I think that they should be helped in any way, it could be spiritual or psychological to make them better than the trade they’ve chosen. There’s a medical officer amongst them and a 15 years old weaning mother?. I pray God help us to retrace our values and entrench our belief in doing what is right.

  5. Don’t say wat u don’t know cos wen u re ask to show any police officer who did dat u will find urself wanting. U always talk without prove bcos u ve dat liberty. Mind wat u always say

  6. Hello Daasebre prince, I personally have prove of a Police officer in Odorkor in fact (ASP) collected money from my daughter to bribe the court to hide case papers even on a crime she didn’t commit since she have no money for s Lawyer. I have prove and even reported the case to the CID office and they told me they will contact me ad soon as possible till now no one contacted me. I will only say Ghana Police is full of Bribery and corruption, is their daily water.

  7. Where are the men they practise the prostitution with? Have they been rounded up too? Ghana Police. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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