Martin Amidu schools ‘almighty’ Omane Boamah


Former Attorney General and Minister of Justice Martin Amidu has taken exception to a description of him as a “damn big liar” by Minister of Communications Dr Edward Omane Boamah, saying the Cabinet minister only showed “the shallowness of his education, understanding and lack of diligence” in defending government.

Dr Omane Boamah had described the former National Democratic Congress (NDC) minister as a liar for his stance on the Alfred Woyome case.

Mr Amidu, who calls himself Citizen Vigilante, has interpreted government’s unwillingness to execute a Supreme Court judgement by way of retrieving judgement debt payments from Mr Woyome as deliberate.

He was given an opportunity to witness last Thursday at the Supreme Court after filing an application to be allowed to examine the businessman.

Omane Boamah Eddie
Dr Omane Boamah called Mr Amidu “a big damn liar” on Multi TV’s News File programme

But following Mr Omane Boamah’s description over the weekend, Mr Amidu said: “The drunken tantrums cowardly thrown by Omane Boamah shows the shallowness of his education, understanding and lack of diligence and industry in researching matters he is to defend the government on in public.

“Simple common sense would have informed the almighty Minister of Communications who sought to take over Multi TV/Joy FM to insult me that in arguing my case before the Supreme Court on 10th November 2016, I referred the Court to its own unanimous decision given in my favour on 29th July, 2014”.

He described as “not fair” the “bad name” calls by the minister “without referring to the declaration granted by the Court and the situation in which the government and the current Attorney General from Lithur-Brew and Co now find themselves”.

He said since the matter is still in court he is constrained from making any further comments but warned that “no body should jump the gun by calling me a ‘big damn liar'”.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

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