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Man sneaks out of first date with woman, leaves her with $100 bill to pay

Most of us are all too familiar with First Date Fear. The struggle of deciding what to wear, concerns about running out of things to say, or hoping not to end up having dinner with someone who personifies all of our political worst nightmares all play on the mind.

If a date doesn’t go how we were hoping, most of us say our farewells and call it a day. It’s a tough world out there, kindness is a basic rule.

But one Sydney restaurant claims to have witnessed what happens when manners go out the window, describing one woman who was left with a $100 (£57) bill to pay, when her date “did the runner” after telling her he was going to get some cash out.

Christian Avant, who owns the burger joint Milky Lane, shared the story in a post on Facebook which has since been liked more than 600 times:

“If you think your Sunday’s bad, a couple just came into ML Bondi on a first date, ate and drunk heaps, he said he was going outside to get some cash out then did the runner, leaving her with the whole bill [sic],” wrote Avant.

“Being single is fkn tough in a world full of so many immoral humans,” he added.

His post garnered hundreds of responses from people expressing their outrage and sympathising with the young woman.

“The poor girl!” wrote one person.

“This is awful but good on you for taking care of her,” added another.

Speaking to The Edge, Avant explained he noticed the date hadn’t been going too well and had given them a free cocktail each in a bid to assuage the awkwardness between them.

“There was no vibe, no energy or connection,” he said, “but even still, it’s just polite to pay your way and go separate ways and say ‘Thanks for the date’”.

Avant added that his staff all pooled together to console the young woman, who was visibly upset when her date still hadn’t returned after 20 minutes, at which point it became obvious that he had abandoned ship.

According to the restaurant owner, she then tried to phone him only to realise he had blocked her number.

In addition to letting her off from having to pay a penny for the meal, the restaurant offered her a $150 (£85) voucher to return, with one host even doing tequila shots with her before taking her out to get some drinks later that evening.

Source the Independent

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