Make free SHS policy document available- Fmr Education Minister

Former Education Minister Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman has called on government to make available the policy document covering the recently launched Free Senior High School.

According to the former education minister, the document will not help in informing the public on the operations and implementation of the free SHS program, but will clearly show the conception, the plan, and the strategy which will go in a long way to make it easy for an evaluation of the program.

“What is making some of us to jump onto the fray is the lack or unavailability of policy document which will spell out how this program will be run, if this is shared with the public, it will help in knowing what the policy is about and to a large extent you will be able to predict some of these issues surrounding the registration and all that, it is not to say that anyone is perfect” she posited on Onua FM morning show hosted by Bright Kwesi Asempa on Thursday.

Asked if government rushed in implementing its flagship program after extensively using it during the 2016 elections, Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman said “I don’t want to be judgmental, but I would want to assume that many of these things have been thought through and I want to believe that they are working on the challenges that are arising but again, if there is a policy document all these would have been identified and avoided”

She also observed that what is being implemented is the same progressively free SHS the erstwhile John Dramani Mahama administration started, arguing that “if you are paying for only the first-year students and leaving out both the second year and the third year, is that not a progressive way of introducing a program?”

Prof. Jane Naana Opoku Agyeman has also expressed worries that the linkages between the basic to tertiary level may be affected since there is no clear policy available to guide in how the program is to be implemented.

“When I was at the ministry of education, we were looking at the linkages in all level, but what they are doing now will have implications for basic level as well as the tertiary level”.

By Bright Dzakah/Onua 95.1Fm/

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  1. And who cares about your opinion? When a professor of education is speaking nitwits like you have the nerve to say nonsense. You’ve demonstrated that you truly lack intellectuals prowess.

  2. Where is the Policy Document for your Progressively Free SHS that you alledgedly introduced. Lets see it so we can plagiarise it for NPPs one. Simple.

  3. I am not against the program but in Africa we sheepishly think that such programs mean a total turn around of our economy.
    There’s meaning to what the former minister is saying then someone jumps in and says go to hell. What is the use of tge education you had that you can’t tolerate other people’s opinions?

  4. I am not against the program but in Ghana many sheepishly think that it is the complete turn around of our economy. There’s a lot to do. Besides, implementation is one thing and the success is another thing. There’s nothing wrong with what the former minister said yet you jump in and say she should go to hell. What standard of education do you have that you can’t tolerate other people’s views?

  5. Instead of helping to get this good intention well-established to the benefit of the citizenry, NDC is try so hard to derail the implementation for political expediency. Shame unto you.

  6. Thomas, the policy document of the Progressively Free SHS is at the Ministry of Education. You can also get it in the Parliametary Hansard. The source of it all is also found in article 25 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana.

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