Is Accra Engineered?



Ghana’s capital, Accra, lacks efficient and effective engineering, say planning experts and engineers. Ordinary citizens agree.  And they want something done, other than politicians’ rhetoric. 

On today’s Community Connect on 3fm92.7, we tackle this issue after another weekend of rain.

We’re joined by President of Ghana Institute of Engineers, Ing. Dr Kwame Agyeman Boakye. He says, Ghana is going nowhere without engineers, and that national development “must encompass the ability of a nation to improve the lives of its citizens.”

Dr Boakye further noted that “technological advancement must translate into effective living, adding that development problems are engineering problems.”

Over the years, planning experts, engineers and ordinary citizens say planning is haphazard. There is no thought for the future.  As a result, the slightest rainstorm means streets get flooded. And then there is the deadly impact of uncollected refuse, another regular source of discussion.  Rubbish blocks drains, forcing water to spill into places they are not meant to be.

The show will take the pulse of the state of the city from listeners. The weekend rain left several parts of the city of Accra underwater, prompting President John Mahama to hit the streets on his motorbike to better understand the situation.

Finally, did you know June 13th is World Albinism Day? So, tody’s Community Connect will look at Albinism in Ghana.


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