Investigating ex-robber’s claim, a waste of tax payers’ money- Security analyst

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The Executive Director of the African Centre for Security and Counter-Terrorism says it would be a waste of the tax payers’ money, attempt by the Ghana Police Service, to investigate claims by an ex-robber that some government officials and other individuals are behind the supply of illicit arms to robbers.

The ex-robber by name Agya Yaw made the revelation on Kofi TV, a YouTube channel. The police subsequently released a statement that it will soon launch investigation into the claims.

However, in a 3FM News interview, Emmanuel Kutin said he has no confidence in the Ghana Police Service to conduct any proper investigations after what emerged out of the A Plus’ saga.

“My question is, will this investigation be farfetched, giving that we just came out of an investigation where [the] police came to clear someone of serious allegations and audio tape emerging?

“To me, it’s just an exercise in futility. In fact, the A Plus’ issue and other investigations in the past make me believe that this is not going to go anywhere. It’s just a waste of the tax payers’ money,” he said.

Mr. Emmanuel Kutin stretched his position, saying that the Ghana Police Service needs restructuring.

“Until the [Ghana] Police Service is prepared to purge itself of the tag the good people of Ghana have put on them, no one is going to take them serious. We should not allow our police personnel to stay, in their post, for over four years. The longer they stay, they make acquaintances and even make friends with these criminals and give them lead.”

By Solomon Mensah|3FM||Ghana


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