Inna Patty ‘uses’ Miss Ghana girls for selfish gains – Former queens

Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi was stripped of her 2013 crown

Some past winners of the Miss Ghana pageant have accused CEO of Exclusive Events Inna Patty of exploiting beauty queens for personal gains.

In an interview with, the past queens said Inna ‘used’ them to raise money to run her outfit without providing her part of the bargain, of presenting them with prizes won.

The 2010 winner of Miss Ghana, Stephanie Karikari, said monies she raised for her project was not used for the intended purpose.

“We are supposed to raise money for our projects, but she does not use the money for the project. The project is just a disguise to get money from sponsors.”

Most of the girls in the interview accused Inna Patty of manipulation and exploitation for her selfish gains.

Stephanie won the crown in 2010

“She is vindictive. She told me to my face that I was ugly. She asked me to raise GH¢10,000 a month and sends me to meet men, adding I should be ‘nice’ to them,” Stephanie said.

“The Miss Ghana franchise is a family affair. Her mom and family members are all directors in the company. We were supposed to drive around to look for sponsorship, but she refused to give us any allowance,” Miss Ghana 2013 Giusepinna Nana Akua Baafi said.

According to Giusepinna, family members of Inna Patty could troll into the Miss Ghana house at any given time.

She added, she was once physically abused by mother of the Exclusive Events CEO.

“She asked me to raise $10,000 as a registration fee to participate in the Miss World pageant. She took me to one man, I think he is the owner of Imperial General Assurance and said I should me ‘smart’,” Antoinette Delali Kemavor, who won the pageant in 2015 also alleged.

Antoinette Delali Kemavor

According to the girls, they had to work and raise money before getting access to prize packages promised them during the competition.

Giusepinna, who was stripped of her title during her tenure, accused Inna Patty of pitching the girls against each other to prevent them from seeing through her schemes.

“She pitched us against each other, so we didn’t know what was going on till we decided to have a conversation among ourselves. She paid my 3,000 prize money on monthly basis with 300 cedis monthly. I had to pay for my transport and clothing needs.”

According to the former beauty queens, they had to raise money throughout their reign in order to facilitate subsequent competitions.

By Irene Amesimeku||Ghana

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