by Isaac Essel

November 10, 2017

GN Bank worker swindles 34 customers at Nsawam

About 34 customers of the Nsawam branch of the GN Bank are gearing up to demonstrate against the bank over ‘disappearance’ of their deposits.

According to the customers, in spite of depositing various sums with the bank, they are unable to make withdrawals as they are told that their accounts are empty.

Florence Ake and Bismark Nketia who are victims told Onua News they have been saving with the banks for years now.

Bismark Nketia said he has saved up to GHS3,100 while his wife has also saved GHS 1,300 in their various savings accounts.

He said in the month of March this year, they went to the Bank to check their accounts balance but the manager there told them their accounts were dormant so they had to make a deposit before they can revive the accounts.

Bismark said, he deposited GHS5.00 into the account instantly but when it was opened, the manager told him there was no money in his account even though all the deposit slips were available.

The victim said they went to the Nsawam Police Station to report the case but upon reaching there, the police told them similar complaints have been lodged there and the cases had been transferred to the Nima Police Station in Accra.

Mr. Nketia said they followed it up to the Nima Police Station only for them to be told that one Jerry Owusu Ansah has allegedly squandered the money from their accounts.

Officials of the GN Bank in Accra when contacted explained that the issue is an old issue they are trying to resolve.

Onua News contacted the Nima Police station but the officer in charge of the case was not available to comment on the issue.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua News||Ghana


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  • Manning says:

    How can you discredit an entire organization with such tasteless piece of sensational journalism. Is this from a news organization? Was this journalist trained? The trajectory of the story lacks professionalism. Very bad journalism.
    I thought journalists do proper checks, write detailed analysis and catalogue events whilst given opportunity to those accused to provide comprehensive updates before firing information that has the opportunity to discredit an entire organization.
    This is basic journalism.
    1. So 2 people interviewed have their account balances not reflecting deposits.
    2. The whole Nsawam township is demonstrating
    3. Journalist went to police to cross check complaints
    3. Everybody must take precaution because of the above.

    Please learn how to package information to present accurate reportage. I’m unimpressed.

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