by Stephen Kwabena Effah

November 19, 2017

GMB2017: Will Baaba give C/R hat-trick or Serwaa, Nana & Zeinab will break the record?

The four finalists [L-R], Zeinab, Baaba, Nana and Serwaa

For Baaba, tonight will be a moment to give Central Region a hat-trick in the decade history of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Pageant. But for Serwaa (Eastern), Nana (Western Region) and Zeinab (Eastern Region), it will be the time to break the record of Central Region.

The four beautiful, eloquent and brainy young ladies will tonight mount the stage of the Accra International Conference Centre, to battle each other in a bid to win the mouthwatering prize at stake for the 2017 Ghana’s Most Beautiful.

For 13 weeks, they gave off their best in telling the stories of their respective regions as well as the society, and withered the storm of the judges to outshine the six other evictees to get to the grand finale of this year’s reality pageant by TV3.Starting on a clean score sheet, the four finalists – Serwaa from the Eastern Region, Baaba from the Central Region, Zeinab from Northern Region and Western Region’s Nana –  would have to go the extra mile to prove to the judges they deserve to wear the covetous crown and have the bragging rights as Ghana’s most beautiful lady in its truest term.

Obviously, their efforts alone cannot win any of them the ultimate prize of a 4X4 Kia Sportage, a trip to Dubai, one year wardrobe from GTP and cash of GHC12,000, as they will need your push by texting the name of your best contestant to 1413.

Since its inception in 2007, Central Region has won the crown twice in 2007 and 2015 with Ama and Esi respectively.

With the exception of Brong Ahafo Region which has not yet won the ultimate prize before, the rest – Ashanti (2011), Eastern (2010), Western (2016), Greater Accra (2008), Northern (2009), Upper East (2013) and Upper West (2014) have each won it once.For the second place prizes, Volta tops the list with five, followed by Central Region with two, Ashanti Region with one and both Northern and Upper East with one each.

Eastern Region leads in the third prize category with three awards, followed by Ashanti with two awards, with Brong Ahafo, Central, Upper East, Greater Accra and Volta regions securing one each.

In the fourth place category, it is a tie between Eastern and Upper West regions with two each, while Brong Ahafo, Western, Greater Accra, Upper East, Northern and Volta regions have won it once.

Overall, Volta Region tops the list with eight awards, while Eastern Region sits at the second spot with six awards. Central Region is at the third position with five awards, while Ashanti and Upper East regions take the fourth place with four awards each.

Greater Accra, Northern and Upper West are at the fifth spot with three awards each followed by Brong Ahafo and Western regions with two awards each.

Will Baaba win the 2017 GMB to give Central Region a hat-trick in the first spot of the competition or Serwaa, Nana and Zeinab will win to place their respective regions at par with Central?

Below is the statistics of which region has won what since 2007

Region Total Awards No of 1st Place awards No of 2nd Place awards No of 3rd Place awards No of 4th place awards
Volta        8        1        5        1        1
Eastern        6              1       Nil        3        2
Central        5        2        2        1        0
Ashanti        4        1        1        2        0
Upper East        4        1        1        1        1
Greater Accra        3        1        0        1        1
Northern        3        1        1        0        1
Upper West        3        1        0        0        2
Brong Ahafo        2        0        0        1        1
Western        2        1        0        0        1

 By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

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