GMB 2017: The race for the crown on!

The race to occupying Ghana’s Most Beautiful‘s mansion has been fierce and nerve-racking but finally ten lovely ladies have been granted the opportunity to proudly represent their regions.

They were bubbled with excitement as they made an entry to the reality complex after the fabulous launch on Sunday but well aware of the mental task and physical strength ahead.

Who would stand tall in educating Ghanaians on the culture and identity of her region while graciously moving to the rhythm of the drum?

Who would strike her steps with boldness and confidence yet as graceful as a swan?

Who would be crowned Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2017?

Zeinab Abdul Mumin, 23 years

Representing the Northern Region

Helena Baaba Botchway,26 years

Representing the Central Region

Dorcas Asante Afful, 25 years

Representing the  Western Region

Shaguffa Pelpuo Adams, 26 years

 Representing the Upper West Region

Akongzirigo Azitariga Atinganma Talata, 23 years

Representing the Upper East Region

Ivy Nhanna Serwaa Sefa- Boateng, 23 years

 Representing the Eastern Region

Juliet Mensah, 23 years

 Representing the Brong Ahafo Region

Helena-Annabella Asare-Bediako, 25 years

Representing the Ashanti Region

Henrietta Naa Ayeley Mensah, 23 years

Representing the Greater Accra

Tsekumah Christine Edem , 24 years

Representing the Volta Region.

By Ayerkie Narnor||Ghana

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