GMB 10: Two frightened by eviction scare.


The judges were at it again during Sunday’s eviction stages of Ghana’s Most Beautiful when they pulled off another prank on Eastern and Ashanti regional representatives Akos and Badu in what everyone thought was going to be the sixth eviction of the reality show.

This becomes the second prank after Kafui, Naa and Efua had suffered the same fate at the hands of the hosts two weeks ago.

The two ladies  looked helpless on stage when they were asked to come forward for the eviction announcement by the judges. For one minute, one could tell they only needed water splashed on their faces to prevent any casualty on live television but the judges went to their aid by allowing them to stay in the house for  at least another week.

Akos and Badu will definitely be grateful to their maker for the narrow escape during Sunday’s show.

It wasn’t surprising to see all five contestants showcase their immense talents on stage with the aim of staying in the competition to win the ultimate crown which will be for keeps as Ghana’s Most Beautiful marks 10 years.

Sunday’s task was on  project presentation for all five contestants who outlined their vision for the various assignments they had planned to embark on  in their  respective regions.


                                                                                THE SUPPORT LEARNING PROJECT


AKOS: The support learning project seeks to provide a practical ICT lab and educational materials to deprived basic schools in the Upper West Akyim district with a pilot in Adeiso. Akos was eloquent in her presentation and touched on all the vital areas


                                                                                                    BACK TO SCHOOL


BADU: Badu did a presentation on a project dubbed ‘Back to School” which is aimed at helping teenage mothers to go back to school. She explained how the project will be executed  and the benefits to be derived from it .


                                                                                                       BREAST CANCER


YABA: Yaba’s task was on breast cancer. She spoke extensively about organising breast cancer awareness campaigns, screening and educating  women on how to personally examine their breasts.  She also promised to support women who are living with breast cancer.


                                                                                        GIRL CHILD EDUCATION


NAA: Girl child education in the Greater Accra region was Naa’s message on Sunday. She spoke about indentifying the root causes of girl child denial, its effects and what she intends to do to solve the issue.


                                         EMPOWERING THE PEOPLE OF THE NORTH (DABOYA) THROUGH SMOCKS


HIBA: She was very particular about putting in place measures to enhance weaving activities as well as proper marketing of smocks.






Some other awards on the night

Best behaved: HIBA

Most eloquent: NAA

Star performer: YABA

Nana Afrane Asante/


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