GMB 10: 'Lawyer and air hostess' become latest victims of eviction


Efua and Kafui became the latest victims of the judge’s sword in the legacy edition of Ghana’s Most Beautiful season 10 after being evicted from the competition on Sunday

The first eviction two weeks ago saw Deme, Alaya and Ama being kicked out of the house. This leaves Yaba, Hiba, Akos, Naa and Badu standing on the battle ground with more evictions ahead.

Ghana’s Most Beautiful season 10 will leave unforgettable memories in the minds of the millions of viewers across the globe who have followed the reality show since its inception.

Sunday had all seven ladies with  immense talent showing the audience and viewers what they can really do. The stage performances keep getting better by the week and you may start to wonder how the judges reach their conclusion on who to save and who to evict.

The girls were well prepped for their roles assigned them as career ladies who were out to send a message across to all women in various careers in a very entertaining and educative way.

                                                                                              MILITARY PERSONNEL


BADU from the Ashanti region talks about dropping her six month old baby off at her mother’s home before going to work every day. She feels there is a need for her to work hard and support her husband so being a military woman does not change anything. She also advised women to make their husbands understand how important their jobs are to ensure they get the necessary support.

                                                                                                             THE LAWYER


EFUA from the Central region had issues with her husband because her baby was crying unattended to. And that brought an argument between the two who both had valid points but Efua eventually accepted she had to go for the baby. She also advised husbands to love their wives and urged the women to be submissive towards their husbands.

                                                                                                THE AIR HOSTESS


KAFUI from the Volta region travels around the world as an air hostess, came back home only to find her husband hooked up on drugs because she hardly spends time with him. She recalled the moment the two met and all the nice things that were said to each other. An emotional Kafui had no choice but to shed tears as she reminisced about the good old days.

                                                                                                        THE PRESENTER



HIBA was a speaker at a women’s conference where she touched on challenges faced by career women and how they can be managed. She advised women about spending time with their families when they have the time to do so. She touched on trust in marriages and respect which she described as a very important aspect in every relationship.


                                                                                                                THE BANKER


YABA from the Western region did not have the best of the evening when she returned home from work to find her husband eating bread for dinner, and things couldn’t get any better when her mother in law who had come to visit decided to wade into their business. It was obvious she wouldn’t win that battle against a mother and a hungry son who suddenly regained some energy to make his point across to his wife.

                                                                                         THE MARKETING CONSULTANT



NAA from the Greater Accra region had a very ill husband who was consigned to a wheel chair and had to combine taking care of him, their two children and going to work as a marketing consultant. She had to face the wrath of her supervisor at work who wasn’t pleased with the time she got into work.                               

                                                                                                         THE ACTRESS


AKOS from the Eastern region did not let her acting career deter her from giving her family the much desired attention they deserved. She was very vocal on how society sees successful women like her who have made an impact in the movie industry, giving instances where people referred to her as a witch or a prostitute.  She said a career woman should be respected and appreciated by people including their husbands.

Some awards on the night

Best behaved – KAFUI

Most eloquent – HIBA

Star performer – NAA

Nana Afrane Asante/

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