GMB 10: Dazzling performances give judges and fans ‘headache’ ahead of final


Sunday night had all five contestants taking up the task of detailing the names and meanings from their respective regions in what could be dubbed the ‘final before the ultimate final’ of the legacy edition of Ghana’s Most Beautiful Season 10.

All five contestants may not have had ample time to put the pieces together in terms of going back to their roots before educating the audience and worldwide viewers in what one may describe as the most detailed task so far in the competition, but they did not disappoint.                                                                

Naa poses for the camera with her ‘dented’ tooth

The history behind names and meanings in the various regions in Ghana has always been an uphill task both for the elderly and the young, and Ghana’s rich culture is one that cannot be taken for granted due to its recognition all around the world.

GMB Season 10
Hosts Gideon and Emefa share a few words with the ladies

The indigenes had the right name till it was ruined by colonization because the foreigners couldn’t pronounce them properly and they ended up the way they are now.

AKOS, NAA, HIBA, BADU AND YABA dazzled the audience and judges, when they took centre stage to educate the audience on the names and meanings in their various regions.

The ladies gave a history of some towns in their regions as well and how their names came about. Our forefathers were not left out as they have always been recognised as the foundation to the rich culture we enjoy now.   

Queen mothers applaud a performance                                                                                      
Display of rich African culture

Queen mothers and traditional rulers present could only nod their heads and smile as the five beautiful finalists play the role of linguists in educating the whole world and particularly Ghanaians on who they are and what they are and what they really stand for.                                    

GMB Badu
Star performer: BADU

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