Ghana needs educational blueprint to bind all gov’ts – Ex-student leader

Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh is the Minister of Education

Former President of Private Universities Students’ Association of Ghana (PUSAG), Benjamin Panlogo-Logodam is calling for a national stakeholder dialogue to fashion out an educational policy that will be binding on successive government.

He argued such a policy would ensure smooth running of the educational sector in the country, and bring an end to the current system of regular shift in policy whenever there is a change in government.

He said such a national dialogue must bring together all major educational stakeholders and civil society groups, and must be devoid of partisan politics in order to bring out with a blueprint for the country’s second cycle institutions.

“It is high time we find a lasting solution to the issue of our second circle educational structure as a nation devoid of partisan lenses and ideologies, but rather holistically as a nation,” Mr Panlogo – Logodam said.

Mr Panlogo – Logodam said Ghana’s educational system had seen several changes and reforms through the number of years at school and curriculum studied at various levels, however, the time has come for a national dialogue to finding a lasting solution to its challenges.

Benjamin Panlogo-Logodam

In a statement, he observed that with the current massive enrolment of students into the second cycle institutions due to the Free Senior High School (SHS) policy, it was prudent that measures were quickly put in place to avert any future overflow of students into the various tertiary institutions.

He said there was the need for government to enhance and expand all facilities within public second cycle and tertiary institutions as soon as possible to help accommodate students at all levels.

“The next three years and beyond will be unprecedented, therefore, government must enhance and expand the facilities of our various public universities and all public tertiary institutions to be able to accommodate the incoming enrolment boom in the inevitable few years to come,” he advised.

Mr Panlogo – Logodam also called for a lasting solution to the remunerations and incentives challenges of lecturers, teachers and the teaming staff of public educational institutions to avoid the numerous strikes and agitations.

He said government must immediately do away or minimize the challenges and bottlenecks faced by private tertiary institutions.


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