Ghana lacks leadership that can transform it – Dr. Amoah

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A Senior Lecturer at the Ashesi University, Dr. Lloyd Amoah has asserted that Ghana lacks the kind of leadership it needs to transform the economy.

Dr. Lloyd Amoah, noted how the country’s leadership is struggling to achieve a better Ghana.

Speaking on ways to ensure Ghana is transformed like other developed countries on 3FM’s Morning Show, SUNRISE, the senior lecturer bemoaned how several leaders have missed opportunities to transform the country over the years.

“In contemporary times under the 1992 constitution,our leaders have missed a lot of opportunities to transform the country. So there are a lot of complexity that leaders need to address in the way they organize society. Our leadership has not been exemplary”.

He added, ‘‘and when you look at the issue, corruption comes in when you see the life politicians lead. How much are they earning on paper? That’s the greatest missing point.”

He also blamed Ghana’s state of retrogression on its falling standards in education in addition to issues of culture and religion.


By Sarah Apenkroh | 3FM |

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