Gay teacher arrested for attempting to have sex with student

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The Police in Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo Region have arrested a 31-year-old teacher who lured a 19-year-old boy through Facebook and attempted to sodomise him. 

Police say Baayi Binbi Joshua upon his arrest last Saturday night, admitted he has been gay since 2003 when he was a senior high school student, and that it was his ‘school father’ who introduced him to the unnatural practice.

He was on Tuesday arraigned on two counts of unnatural canal knowledge at the Atebubu Magistrate Court, which has remanded him into custody to appear again next Tuesday.

District Police Commander, Chief Supt. Joseph Dzinaku told 3News Wednesday that Joshua met his victim through the popular social media site, Facebook, from where they communicated for sometime.

The Commander said Joshua, who had told the boy he was in Kumasi, later proposed love to the boy, noting that the 19-year-old became alarmed for which reason he discussed the issue with his elder brother.

“He discussed it with his elder brother who advised him to accept so that they get him arrested,” Supt. Dzinaku said, adding they later informed the Police about it.

Later, the teacher told the boy he would like to visit him at Atebubu so that they can have sex to seal their relationship to which the boy obliged. The teacher and the boy agreed on Saturday.

The boy consequently informed the Police about it and they arranged to cause the teacher’s arrest

At about 7:30pm Saturday, Supt Dzinaku said, the teacher who was on a motorbike met with the boy in town as arranged.

The teacher was said to have told the boy that he had a house in Atebubu so they should go there for the sexual encounter. The boy, according to the Police, obliged.

“He was removing the boy’s trousers” when the Police was alerted and the teacher was arrested in the room, Supt Dzinaku told 3News.

I’m possessed

According to the Police, Joshua admitted the offence and claimed some demonic spirit caused him to do that.

“He told us that it was a demon that is affecting him and that he sought assistance from TB Jousha in Nigeria but the spirit is still using him after his return to Ghana,” Supt. Dzinaku said.

Supt. Dzinaku said the teacher pleaded with them to forgive him and release him since he is being controlled by evil spirit.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

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