by Ayerkie Narnor

November 29, 2016

Flee from mute MPs


Barely a week to the most anticipated exercise of the year, the 2016 elections, and as usual most Ghanaians seem engrossed in  who becomes the next president after the December 7 polls, with little attention given to who becomes their Member of Parliament. It is worth noting that whoever is elected with the mandate to spearhead the affairs of this nation would not work in isolation.

Members of Parliament, Ministers, Metropolitan, Municipal and District chief executives and assembly members would all have to play their parts effectively.

The Member of Parliament (MP) is highly instrumental in the growth of Ghana. The constitution grants him/ her the legislative power of the entire state in introducing, passing Bills, approving vital agreements among others. He/she ought to be knowledgeable about issues in order to deliberate on matters of national and international importance.

Need not say, a square peg in a round hole would be catastrophic to the growth of our dear nation, yet most people I have interviewed seemed clueless as to who the parliamentary aspirants of their constituency are, but, they are eager to vote come what may. So on what basis are they going to vote?

Let’s illustrate what is likely to happen on December 7, let’s say, Naa Momo goes to the polling station to cast her vote, with presidential she is sorted but with the parliamentary she gets a little puzzled. So she decides to vote for her MP based on party affiliation or simply vote based on looks.

If you are uninformed about who your parliamentary aspirant is, how do you vote based on his/her experience, knowledge on issues, educational background, work efficiency and vocal ability? Eventually this individual is voted to parliament and cannot utter a word nor comprehend issues discussed. Nonetheless he/she would be paid at least Ghc 7,200 as monthly basic salary and monstrous allowances at the expense of the taxpayer, who would gladly live up to his/her civic responsibility only to have a mute MP.

Ghanaians owe it to themselves to pay close attention to the crop of ‘leaders’ they would churn up for this year’s parliamentary elections.

3FM has over the weeks organized Constituency debates, hosted by Alfred Ocansey and Johnnie Hughes for parliamentary candidates.

Below are interesting sound bites from wannabe MPs.

GCPP- Amoah, Ablekuma North

GCPP- Joshua Rockson(who finally withdrew), Klottey Korle

CPP-Ishaku Sampson, speaks on Sanitation (Odododiodoo)

Before December 7, be sure to know in detail the parliamentary aspirants vying in your constituency and be circumspect with your vote.

By Ayerkie Narnor||Ghana

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