IT expert exposes ‘amateurish’ technical flaws in Ghana PostGPS

An IT expert has revealed some technical flaws in the recently launched 2.5 million-dollar Ghana PostGPS system that has been touted as the solution to the decades of poor addressing system in the country.

Stefan Froelich who works with WITS Ghana, an IT solution company, after reviewing the technical element of the application said the system is fraught with some technical issues, some of which he described as amateurish.

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In his estimation, the system “is poorly designed, ineptly built and has no chance of yielding anything close to the results it has been touted as capable of bringing”.

He concluded that Ghana may have been ripped off in the deal, saying “right now, this looks like money poorly spent!” adding Ghana has lost an opportunity do demonstrate to the world that it can develop a homegrown solution to its problems.

Read the full review of the app done by Stefan

GhanaPostGPS – A System No One Asked For

We started our day to the launch of the new Digital Addressing System – GhanaPostGPS. A system, news of which we’d been given over the past few months.

I took it for a spin to see what all the fuss was about. It was pointless.
Unclear Goals

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying a digital addressing system is pointless, but that the current implementation is poorly designed, ineptly built and has no chance of yielding anything close to the results it has been touted as capable of bringing. Coming to that, how exactly is this going to help revive Ghana Post again? Has the problem really been addressing? Or an institution that has failed to recognize that it is a dinosaur that needs to evolve to survive? Or that people simply don’t trust it with their valuables? Maybe a combination of all 3 and more.

A Disappointing Start

For the kind of resources that were given to this project, one would expect a refreshing design, some nice layout animations, properly thought out user experience and a proper understanding of how the system is supposed to deliver value.

Instead, we are greeted with a less ugly pallet swap of AsaaseGPS, with new graphics, text and a splash screen animation (I really hope you guys are already resolving my location because that splash screen lasts a long time) that does a bad job of explaining how and what it is you are to do after generating your address. The menu items are confusing and there are UI elements that make no sense. In fact, the menu toggle is on the right and the nav drawer on the left!

I launch the app and immediately, I am assaulted with a sign-up screen. Ummm, what?! Why do you need to know who I am? I look around for a link to terms and conditions which would at least inform me how they plan to use my information, nothing.I go and download snooCode (another Ghanaian app that literally does the same thing) and within 30 seconds (location services are always on), I have my six character address. It might not be beautiful, but it makes sense. Less is always more.

Amateur Mistakes

I don’t want to give my information out, so I figure, hey, let’s see if we can bypass this. I enter some gibberish and submit, half expecting it to reject my input but no! It accepts it like it is made of gold.Now I really don’t want to give my details out. At the simplest, all you need to do is to check if the input is 9-10 digits (10 for a leading 0). There’s more you can do, but short of actually testing the number, this check should suffice.

A Broken System

At this point, I have lost confidence in the system. These are signs of either an inexperienced or lazy programmer. Either way, the system cannot guarantee data quality or security.

I decide to risk it anyway and use my secondary SIM card to register an account to get the full experience.
In addition to generating your address (showing an unhelpful dialog about a missing address mapping), you can search for locations, save locations to your address book and send your location to emergency services (Police, Fire & Ambulance).

I obviously couldn’t test the emergency services, but saving to the address book worked while searching for the location they generated for me didn’t yield any results.I suspect both this and the dialog at the point of generation require me to register my address first, but nowhere is this made apparent to you. Existing systems like snooCode don’t require you to do this. The generated address can be translated into geolocations easily and used to locate you. This doesn’t bode well for user experience.

I decided to try the map on the website and sadly that didn’t work either. There was no map and a quick look at the debugging console showed that Google Maps was throttling API calls.Flawed Technology

GhanaPostGPS like snooCode, what3words, and Open Location Code is a geocoding system that converts hard to remember latitudes and longitudes into an easy to remember format. It creates 5x5m grids and assigns a code to each grid so addresses remain constant within the grid.

While this system makes it easy to address any location on the surface of the earth with an easy to remember code, it doesn’t translate well when used as addresses. A single property can easily span multiple grids and therefore will technically have multiple addresses.

All the above existing systems bill themselves as location sharing services (nowhere is this clearer than in what 3 words). GhanaPostGPS with its unnecessary barriers causes it to fail at being even that.

A proper addressing system would have accounted for anomalies such as large properties and implemented a separate registration process (which could involve marking out your boundaries) for businesses and interested individuals. Many people really could care less. Most codes will be generated on the fly to give directions to friends to meet up or for events such as weddings and the like. Most use cases of this system would not even require one to register an address.


Today, any competent smartphone user can easily share their location over WhatsApp and get turn by turn directions in Google Maps. Why would anyone want to use this? What is its differentiating feature?

Tech is tech. And this is 2017. People will use what pleases them whether the government throws millions at a solution or not. And right now, this looks like money poorly spent! You simply cannot will people to use what they don’t like.

I believe more should have been done by Vokacom to translate AsaaseGPS into a true addressing system for the nation. They were definitely given the resources. $2.5 million is not a sum to laugh about.

Government officials have no understanding of how tech works and thus, as the consulting firm in charge of developing the system, Vokacom had every responsibility to ensure that it was delivering the best. This was our first opportunity to prove to the world that we can do homegrown and we blew it!
This is a sad day for tech in Ghana.

By Stefan Froelich||Ghana

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  1. I am really dissapointed in this Stefan guy. I believe he understands Technology, but I do know he believes it evolves too. I am a GIS Analyst and have been working seriously in this sector for the past ten years. The GhanaPostGPS App Is one of the best. Like Whatsapp and the other social network apps… There is always an update, meaning you listen to the consumers their concerns and you build/upgrade on your product.

    You made mention of multiple grids, meaning multiple addresess… But if you really read well you will realize the app instructs you to take the location infront of your main gate or any location within your premises that you the user feel OK to use as your address. That is why house numbers are written on pillars of gates(ie if its a walled apartment) letter boxes are located outside in front of houses. So if you have a big walled apartment come infront of your gate or stand exactly where your house number has been written for your property and register your address.
    I believe Vokacom will definitely work on the app and upgrade/update it from time to time to meet the needs of the the country.
    Good work Vokacom and be assured that some of us who also understand the GPS and works with it will support you…we will give you feedback as at when is needed and comment when necessary.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I believe the developers would have the chance to correct some of these observations. Lets provide positive feedback to make the system work

  3. I am so so disappointed in this Stefan Froelich. I don’t think he is an “expert” and don’t even understand the concept of technology or Software Development Life Cycle. I have some few questions for him….

    1. How many times has Microsoft released updates or patches to fix issues related to any of the Windows…??
    2. He should go back and compare Windows 98 to Windows 10 today! Does he see any major difference..? If YES, that is called improvement..

    I can go on and on. He should realize that, NO software system ever built by Microsoft, Oracle or CISCO executed without flaws. He should go back and join FREE SHS and grow from there. He is too known but knows nothing! We will also get there someday…..NASA with all the experts tried several times before getting to space. He should give us a break with his amateurish opinions. Fuck him! (I’m with you Kwame…comment below)

  4. Stef gave a good points and flaws of the app that needs to be patched before datum or data are taken by hackers. Security is essential in technology. Let’s apply all these measures before bringing out stuffs for the users to consume.

  5. Kwame, you could have made your point without attacking the personality. This attitude must stop. Stefan made his observation, you counter it with your point nicely written. That should encourage meaningful and matured discussion. Thank you Kwame and Stefan.

  6. Kwame, I am surprised a GIS expert will come to the defence of a system as poorly designed and not having any value for money. I believe you are a Geodetic/Geomatic Engineer, if you are not, then i very much believe you don’t understand location services. If an App designed can be bypassed through the registration, whats the worth? We had the EC website hacked because of this flaws. I dont know whats best for an App that can’t do what it’s intended for? Can you compare Location services hosted by the like of WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter to our Ghanapost GPS? Updates are mearnt to address technical issues but in Ghana, we accept that updates are mearnt for programmes that are very much flawed. Read on the APP, scrutinise it and stop the Political chants, I will not decend on you, i was expecting more from you a GIS expert. Grow up.

  7. I am also having difficulty in getting my property located on the system. Even though it gives its me the Post Code as GH-CE210-4917 and the location coordinates (5.387015, -0.635551), I am still struggling to get it fixed on the system. But I think this is normal, it happens with all new software development products. I am very optimistic the designers will be able sort me out soon as well as sort out all the teething problems. But for those critics who are quick to use these teething challenges as political points should not forget that a software purchased by SSNIT (a government institution) recently for public service cost the tax payer about $80 US million dollars for a software which could be done by local experts for about the same amount of 2.5 million-dollars used for the Ghana PostGPS system. We need to encourage and support home-grown solutions to our problems and stop politicking with them.

  8. The so-called IT expert would have made a lot of sense if he didn’t say anything.Address system is critical to national development,especially in the wake of e-commerce.This expert could use tjis opportunity to market himself like he is doing.There may be challenges but Gh shall surely surmount them.This so called blunder cannot be the sole yardstick for proving to the world that we can do homegrown.

  9. It is good to realise the mistakes in other people’s work but it is only best when you confront them about it. It is a growth if he/she(confronted) accepts and a blessing to you(confront) if you accepts. Lets all move forward as a nation.

  10. Hey take it cool. Stefan this modern Technology means update and upgrade will never end. Please don’t confuse Ghanaian of what you think you can do to what we are aiming at as a Country. Sorry your people are out and down. I wish I could meet you and teach You some few more things about programming. Thanks

  11. A whooping $2.5 Million is not a joke mehn. From the finance perspective, value for money has to come to play. That is spending less to achieve a priority or spending well to achieve a priority or spending wisely to achieve a priority. So where can we classify this whole contract which involved a lot of public funding.

  12. Massa when you already have the capital and expertise you must not be making rookie mistakes. Some of the points made against the app is just embarrassing. Great concept but it must be done with all seriousness. Whatsapp stared poorly but as more and more capital was pumped the app became better. You create an app with more than enough capital therefore you must give value for money. We must stop seeing every opportunity as profit and start feeling empathy.

  13. What we wanted is to be on a digital address system, means to have a postcode. . Whether we’ll use Google map, Tomtom, postgps, what’s app or any other direction device it doesn’t matter, what’s important is that we can put our addresses on any of these app it can lead me to my location. ..

  14. There are flaws in every software but do you honestly think this clonned app from someone else’s work should cost 2.5m USD?. The country is being ripped off and the writer could not be far from right.

  15. Without his review, would the update capture some of the points he is raising? Instead of contending him for his insight of critic you are condemning him. You are not serious

  16. This is simply a false start and we are all failing to see this. I’m shocked Ghanaians, as usual, are looking at this with POLITICAL lenses. When are we gonna grow up!!!

  17. Guys are you kidding me…you want to teach him a thing or two about programming. Let’s be serious here.
    For any good software to be put out it should being well tested, certain basics such as data validation on number fields and the like are unacceptable for a project of this scale.

    Please the everything Stefan said has basis.. The UI and UX is really lacking…. also having multiple digital adresses for locations just centimetres apart is a something that is wrong design wise.

    I do understand that there are updates but such basic errors and bugs are not admissible for projects this big. We all want Ghana to grow but let’s be a bit for circumspect and receive some criticisms positively rather than take them negatively. Our officials should have ensured was well tested since it was going to be put out out in the public face… The quality assurance team of the consulting company should have done their due diligence.

    We can’t be at this stage in our technological advancement and keep on blindly applauding such shoddy work.


  18. He (Stefan) came out attacking the whole project and the money’s assigned to the project. He didn’t make an observaton as you (Kofi Akyere) claims. So I think Kwame responded in an equal measure. The so called IT expert could have professionally presented his suggestions on improving the App without mentioning the amount involved and comparing it to Google Maps. How old is Google in this GPS business..?? Next time he (Stefan) should think and talk well..

  19. I believe you working with the guy who is currently pocketing our 2.5 million. Advice him to take criticism in good faith and work on it.

  20. please i hope u know bug…There are countless bugs in their code, poor algorithm and i wonder why the government should spend $2.5m to build a gps app…..They should have been given $500…..This app can be build withing 5 working days cos google map is been embedded in the app making the app useless……poor programmers……you guys shouldn’t think of programming a Database app that collects user neccessary info such as credit card no. etc, else you will cause people more harm than good.

  21. The black man and mediocrity are like bread and butter. The argument, for example that a simple verification and validation of a required/critical field like a phone number should wait for patch or update to function appropriately is laughable. It definitely shows that the system did not go through standard quality control (alpha and beta testing) before being made available to the wider public.

    We have missed out on the industrial revolution and agricultural revolution, and with our approach and attitude to issues we are sure to miss out on the information revolution too.

  22. Can you imagine this? We are talking about an app that is costing the tax payer a whooping 2.5 million dollars. For Christ’s sake, we were told that the app was tested on Google Play Store for over three months with the name AsaaseGPS. What were the developers doing over three months? How can such basic flaws still plaque the so touted app even after three solid months of trial? They knew the three months was purposely for trial. Did they keep track of their own app that was going to take a whooping 2.5 million dollars from us? Let’s get serious in this country

  23. You have said it all… some political and emotional people are seeing this as an attack instead of appreciating the worrying observations made by a genuine Ghanaian whose taxes are being wasted on a new App that can’t do better than free ones that existed before it. It is truly a shame that they didn’t even consider the issue of data protection in the development of the App, especially in a year that the president implored all Ghanaians to comply with the provisions of the data protection Act… God have mercy

  24. I either want to believe you are being extremely naive(which i doubt) or just defending vokacom. This is a poor job. They may be able to improve it but as it’s stands now it’s a poor solution. simple!!!.

  25. But no serious tech person will use 2.5m dollars on a GPS app that permits use of characters and letters where phone numbers are required. It’s a no no no. Updates are important for any software but some of the flaws brought forward here will not even be committed by a level 100 IT student.

  26. Technical jargons, big big grammar, negative criticism, insults etc etc just because it wasn’t from you.

    How about advising, positive criticism and adding value to make home grown products better. This is the attitude we need as citizens who desire growth for the nation.

    Ghana deserves better.

  27. Stefan..Technological wise,every innovative and dynamic system accepts upgrade and updates..
    So what’s your problem?
    It’s prudent to send feedback to the developers after using a system but not to condemn it as if you developed the “human heart controlling system” for God to create MAN in Genesis.
    Go and get the book,”the prototype in Artificial intelligence AI” to read and stop disgracing your family… Am even doubting your capabilities and intergrity..
    Contact ACME PRESTIGE CONSULTS for your
    ICT consultancy since you really need it..

  28. So I ask myself: would it hurt to pass such a programme by software developers, critical thinkers, creative minds all in the hope of exposing basic flaws before it’s release/implementation.

    The guy put the application to a simple test and it exposed flaws. Will I find Google maps more efficient and accurate?

    Competition is in air… it or not.

    I watched a bit of the video presentation and my first reaction was….Area 1 is 500metres from Flagstaff Hse,….in which direction?…and what of Area 2?
    Let us take criticism in good faith and build.

  29. Please check the details on the obs project before you also say what you don’t know … The SSNIT OBS project included a whole refurbishment of SSNIT data center with devices from IBM and others. The deal also included mobile registration boxes whose contents included laptops, printers, webcam, a converter, a battery and a modem to mention a few. The obs project was not for just a software (that was a political talk)….

  30. Massa like seriously you are comparing location services of Whatsapp and co to an app which was launched barely a week ago. I think you need to grow.
    You and who accept that updates are for program’s which flawed, my brother talk for yourself.
    Let’s wait for the update of the app and see if it isn’t better we can then lash at it

  31. @KelebIi. I don’t think there was a bypass as he is claiming because you will need an SMS confirmation code to get into the app and with the number he gave he is not going to receive any code to continue. He later said he used his secondary sim to do the registration meaning he gave some correct numbers there to get the SMS confirmation code to continue.

  32. Well, I am yet to fully understand the essence of this app with respect to its value for money. I am even more confused when Town and Country Planning and Lands Commission are busily working on LUPMIS and Property rating system respectively, all of which have digitization and addressing of properties in Ghana as one of their key components. My other question related to these two main applications and the GhanaPost app is, what is the relationship between our street naming exercise which began some years back and these three projects. I seriously believe there are duplication of acts or reinventing of wheels somewhere. Lets slow down in heightening expectations about this GhanaPost app and take a holistic view of the exact problems this app is trying to address. Last but not the least, when launching the application the president said “no address no national ID card”. This is really sad. I expected the national identification exercise to include diligent verification of addresses even before approving a registrant butn what am seeing right now is people can stand anywhere and use the location as theiraddresses and proceed to register for national identification. I already have bigger concerns with respect to the national identification project but the president has even made things worse. So many potential cracks and security issues are glaring.

  33. We seem to have a lot of experts in this area. I am sure Vokacom will appreciate your support and consultancy services. I will advice you reach out to them and who knows you could make an impact nationally. constructive critique should be our guide to improvement. Lets take a challenge to help improve existing and new trends for national development. If any one can do better. Please walk the talk.”My take”.

  34. @Kelebli The app cannot be bypassed through registration. You will need the verification code sent to the number you provide before you can continue. Without which you are stuck.

    Even Stefan indicated that he couldn’t register with his gibberish numbers so had to use his second cell number.

    Have you even used the app at all. Or u just rushed to make ur views just by reading someone else’s critique.

  35. I doubt the credibility and capabilitues of this Stefan after reading through this story. I cannot say he has a good intent after reading this article.

    I started using whatsapp when it came, it did not verify phone numbers automatically. Users had to type in verification codes to sign up, today it auto-detects the verification messages. Users had to share whatsapp by text nessage to invite friends because of limited users. BBM was then the ish and whatsapp looked like a joke but today the table has turned.

    Unless Stefan was paid to write this or he is incompetent, he should have known that, new apps will never be 100% from the word go. That’s why updates were created. UI issues, bugs and so on are always resolved in updates. So this doesn’t make this app a failure but his comments.

    Down to the issues he raised, I was dissapointed to know a so called tech geek who calls the flaws amateurish pointing to everyday app error as technical. Dude, everybody user in Ghana is aware of these errors and what they are and are even reporting them on playstore. What’s so technical about it when my 60+ year old aunt using an android has already given that feedback on playstore. You want attention? Build an app for it.

    Let me add a little education for this clueless Stef, an app is a tool to accessing a solution and not necessarily the solution itself. So the government of Ghana paid $2.5mil for the solution and not the app which by the way didn’t cost $70+mil.

    Now what is the solution? Finding a way to generate a unique address, the format, pattern and strategy, the 16.1billion 5m-square grid and numbering them uniquely etc are the real creation of the solution which will be the data behind this solution. That will not be the end, the app built will as well be gathering user data for the owner and that is why you are asked to input your name and number.

    You have the option to register your address to access post services and emergency services but to get that, your address must be verified to reduce false information. And min you regeistering a false address is at your own disadvantage as a user. If the world can’t find you, solutions and services cante get to you.

    Finally, there is no way a 10 digit fake number will get you through the app because you will not get a verification message and same thing happens with whatsapp. So this comment is as needless as the whole article.

    Mind you, a clean digital address data will be fed to the National I.D system and that will help many sectors of the economy to grow. You and I will be better served by industries in Ghana when our address is easily verifiable and reliable. This is not just an app or a joke but an enabling solution to many sectors of the economy and society.

    My friends at TV3’s 3news will do themselves a favor not to pay attention to articles that will hurt their 20-year old hand-built brand.

    My name is Raphael Beecham
    A patriotic citizen of the Republic of Ghana.

  36. Guys..its a 2.5m USD app. Its must come fit for purpose. Updates make improvements and add functionality. Good Tech is Good Tech.

  37. Else where, it would have been a review. Usually technology sites like The verge will do a review discussing pros and cons and making suggestions. It’s ok to critic but it shouldn’t be in a form of rubbishing. We need people like this guy but he needs to fine tune his contribution.

  38. Well said. How can you build a perfect system from scratch. Has he forgotten what he learnt in school as SDLC? As an IT expert what was he supposed to do? why do we have updates if it is to be perfect. In fact he himself is not perfect that is why his creator is always working on him. He must go back to the classroom.

  39. You see why all the big investors put millions in startups in Nigeria, SA and Kenya!

    Because when you build shit in Any of these countries, you will be called out!

    This guy made valid observations but see the comments all insulting him!???

    How do you expect to grow when you have people defending mediocre stuff because of family or political affiliations

  40. I side with Stefan here, look collecting data that has integrity is the back bone of every database system, so if the system will accept any flawed info without checking or validation first then garbage in garbage out.

    The developers have failed period. I can only imaging the kind of data collected so far.

    Some one mentioned Software development lifecycle. Well… Within that lifecycle there exists a period for testing, if this was a problem that was not designed for then that step should have caught the flaw.

    On the bright side Stefan pointed out that the system allowed him to enter any no. Well I also realized that if you enter the a number you have no possession of, you will not get the SMS code to proceed with your registration.

    So at least the system will make sure that you are in possession of the number you have entered but you might not necessarily own it.

    My problem is that the address generated is not in the format widely used world wide. For instance I would have loved to be able to put in that generated address on AliExpress, jumia or Amazon so that when I buy online it is delivered but unfortunately the format is not acceptable on these online portals.

    All in all its a good step but too many amateur errors for a product that cost 2.5 million dollars.

  41. This is not anybody’s efforts being ridiculed. This is a contract that we are spending that huge money on. It should start well before we are even talking of updates

  42. Seriously you guys are always ready to defend the government or any institutions you are afflicted to. He did explicitly said this app and the value spent on it is pointless. Don’t be eager to defend to suit your ambitions. A whole government codes a piece of shit for a million or whatever and you fall for it. Are you really a GIS analyst ? I can do this for a less amount, if you not a coder then Hello you been ripped !!!

  43. Dear NPP Guy,

    In coding certain mistakes ain’t acceptable from scratch. This app is certainly not a big deal for a good coder and not worth a million or so. Should the government always spend a million?

  44. A very stupid approach… Do u have to write an article about it for the whole world to see it has bugs… As an IT expert… Haven’t u heard about vulnerability disclosure.. Or the 3news blogger had nothing t write… Do u know the number of institutions whose softwares have flaws in it… Or u think there won’t be updates… This is not the best.. Some of us have seen bugs in softwares and we never gave it out to journalists… Kwasiasem kwa..IF U THINK U CAN HUNT BUGS.. GO HUNT IT ON FACEBOOK.. THEY PAY FOR IT… Silly approach…

  45. SSNIT didn’t buy a software. What SSNIT bought is a suite. The package includes the software, computers, network infrastructure, Training. As to where its worthed costing that is another matter

  46. Stefan made a very good point which the company Vokacom should take as a valuable feedback to improve the app.

    Really, there are basic things such as inline textfield validation and so on that software developers should NEVER take for granted. Vokacom did not take care of this.

    While lauding the project, I would want to believe they made use of Open Source Map APIs which shouldn’t have made the entire project cost to be that high 🙁

    Anyway …those having issues with the map recognizing their locations or failing to pin-point their exact location, this might be as a result of their mobile operators interfering with the GPS coordinates through triangulation of signals to identify the subscriber’s actual location.

    Nice try Ghana.

  47. Great job at putting out this GhanaPostGPS. I hope those who are finding flaws – like Stefan – are notifying Ghana Post or Vokacom as feedback. I’m sure they could have done more research, etc. to add years to refine the app. I think it was easier, less time consuming and better to get the product to the masses and allow the public to refine this app.

    Who knows, in the future this app could be used to cast a ballot.

  48. Mr. IT Expert, couldn’t you have made your observations in a more contributory manner than this discouraging write-up?

  49. All that was needed was an initial Beta test.Any software that is to go public,under goes a beta test.This allows for the initial use of the software and with the expectation of receiving feed back from the public.Therefore allowing for the continues fixing of various bags as it is know in the tech world. The implementation is not a one time thing but a process.In most cases the fix should not be a draconian task.The major parts have all been put together.They just need to revisit the drawing board which will for sure occur few more times.Lets give it time to succeed. The success will morally boost future projects therefore placing the nation in a better direction.Hopefully this will not be politicized.

  50. It’s called bugs and these will be cool fixed based on User Experience. It’s a very good start. You don’t always have to save maps if all you’re doing is searching and discarding.

    I think “Stefan” is a cover for someone who is possibly from the current largest opposition party. The seeming slowness and throttling of Apis is also something that is done in industry. We shouldn’t be quick to condemn this he work and effort put into this.

    Critique is good but the cost involved isn’t what we should be discussing here. Does it address some of the shortcomings in our addressing system? I think so and it’s a work in progress with this software.

    The journey of a thousand years has now begun!

  51. Kelebli, you just took the wind out of my sail. I am a GIS guy myself and I must say I am disappointed at Kwame. I’ve been condemning this thing ever since it was launched. The baseline is wrong so what do you have to update?? If we are depending on US GPS satellites for our national system & we are here saying our addressing system is more sophisticated than theirs (that of US), then I think we a joking as a country…..

  52. Masa, u are just displaying your immaturity here. Why can’t you just make your point. Moreso, you just exhibited how shallow you are in the topic?? You are here talking about updates, updates… Do you know about Datum?? Ellipsoid?? Geodesy?? GPS Satellite systems?? Next time you talk well

  53. Ghana post is now doing a great job. Problems may arise, that doesn’t not mean the whole system is fraud

  54. You guys are not real. This app is a complete crap. They could have done better with the money given. Your first release should speak better this will inform the user user of useful update when released

  55. How can the app be bypassed through registration? If you input a fake phone number, how do you get your verification code? I hope you know Without entering a confirmation code, you don’t get registered right? It’s like trying to register on WhatsApp with a fake number.. you will never get in the system, because you can’t access the validation code sent to the fake number you submitted. This is cheap propaganda and a display of mediocrity. I’m sad this made the news. now we know TV3 is on the cheap propaganda train.

  56. Some unsavoury NPP sympathizers and Vokacom staff are out here defending their company. Lol! When will we learn to accept constructive criticism and improve the quality of our products in this country?? If you truly love Ghana you will not support any form of mediocrity paid for with our hard earned tax payers’ monies. Some of these comments are just sad to read. Let’s put politics aside, put affiliations aside and do the right thing here. Ghana comes first. Let’s do better.

  57. 1. Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle etc release patch as pack and this is dependent on the fact that the problem is wide spread among products.

    2. Windows 98 – Windows 10 (except windows 8 which had a back clash with users because of the metro design and omission of the start button) was no where problematic on their release. Because they are thoroughly tested, there a bug reporting system and user forums to help people who can from the onset ascertain the use of the product. Heck there is help system built into every windows product both offline and online to assist usability.

    Granted no software is perfect, but when your are paid ~ $2 million or so we should expect you to consider every aspect of your software for its usability and security etc.

    Stop glorifying products that don’t meet software design standards.

  58. Am also disappointed in u too Kwame.. So u don’t think what Stefan guy was doing is to pointed the flaws in the system to enable the system builders find ways to remedy them right?

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  60. Hey, you used to write great, but the last several posts have been kinda boring… I miss your super writings. Past few posts are just a bit out of track! come on!

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