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‘To err is human’, Obiri Boahen begs NPP for his ‘indiscretion’

Nana Obiri Boahen had claimed he only got GHC5,000 from the GHC50 billion gifted the party by the presidency

Deputy National Secretary of the governing NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen is asking President Akufo-Addo and the NPP to forgive him for ‘lying’ about some 50 billion cedis he claimed the presidency gave for the organisation of the party’s annual delegates conference in Cape Coast last year.

He had lamented in a leaked private conversation with a supposed National Democratic Congress (NDC) member that he was given a paltry GHC5,000 from that amount.

The presidency has yet to speak on the issue but the party has denied the “baseless allegations”. The Acting General Secretary of NPP said in a statement in February that the issue has been referred to the party’s steering committee to make appropriate recommendations.

Nana Obiri Boahen had initially admitted in a radio interview that he made those allegations to solicit for information about the National Democratic Congress, but whatever he said was a lie.

However, he has issued a statement on his private company’s letterhead – Obiri Boahen and Associates, a law firm – claiming the tape was tampered with, therefore invalidating the contents. The letter was dated March 2, 2018.

“This heavily doctored and fraudulent, voice-mimicked tape, which the contents thereof are untrue; and incorrect ought not to be given any credence and attention,” Obiri Boahen said.

He noted, “I have learnt much lessons from this unfortunate incident, from this heavily edited; secretly recorded; intentionally mutilated and doctored audio recording or cassette, I vow not to find myself under such circumstances again. My loyalty and commitment with/to the New Patriotic Party, shall ever continue to be resolute and firm. ‘To err is human; and to forgive is divine’ says the sages.”

He nonetheless apologised to the President, the Vice President, the Chief of Staff, the Steering Committee of the NPP, the National Executives, Council of Elders, the National Executive Committee, the National Council of the New Patriotic Party and every member of the New Patriotic Party “for my indiscretion”.

“I hope this my apology would be accepted by all,” he prayed.

Meanwhile, a private legal practitioner, Bobby Banson is urging the NPP to suspend Nana Obiri Boahen pending investigation by the party.

He asked the party not to break its tradition of suspending members who act in a way that negatively affects the party like was done to its former Chairman Paul Afoko and General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong.

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By Isaac Essel |3news.com | Ghana

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