Accept election results but resort to court if… – Muslim students tell candidates

Some of the students who participated in the march
Some of the students who participated in the march

The Ghana Muslim Students Association (GMSA) branch in the Upper West Region has urged candidates contesting in this year’s December 7 general elections to resort to the courts in the event of any disagreement over the results.

It’s President, Saeed Mohammed Awal, underscored the need for the candidates to accept the the results of the elections in good faith but should they have any issues, immediately seek redress in the courts.

“We believe that it is Allah who chooses a leader and whatever the outcome might be, let us all accept it in good faith so that our beloved country will continue to tell the world that, we are the model of democracy,” he said.

Speraking at a peace march to demand peace and violent free elections, Mr Awal said it is important for all candidates to note that they cannot all be declared winners in the polls.

“To our political parties, we want to win but unfortunately we cannot all be declared a winner so for the sake of our future and children, let us all accept the verdict of the EC in good faith but if we feel we have been cheated we should follow the legal procedure per the Constitution of our beloved country,” he said.

The peace march was organised by the Association in collaboration with the National Peace Council and saw participants from selected Junior and Senior High Schools across the Wa municipality and political parties.

They called on all stakeholders to play their role to ensuring peaceful elections.

They carried placards bearing inscriptions such as : “We want peace”, “peace is development”, “Ghana is first before anything and no conflict”

An Imam of the Association in the region, Sheik Hassan Mohammed Shaban was hopeful that Ghanaians would listen to their message of peace to bring the needed development to the youth.

“The children we are bringing up, without the laid down foundation are not going to see the development they need, therefore we are calling on the political parties, religious bodies and civil society organizations to help and cooperate to ensure peace before during and after these elections”

By Yakubu Abdul-Gafur|TV|3news.com|Ghana

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