DVLA rejects new smart license cost claims

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has debunked claims that it inflated the cost of the new smart licenses.

The DVLA at a press conference on Tuesday mentioned that from November, it will be introducing a vehicle documentation Smart Card to replace paper-based car registration process.

The new drive is expected to reduce the human interface in the acquisition of licenses and also cut down the cost involved.

The cost of the ‘smart’ license has been pegged at GH¢275, which critics say is highly priced.

But the Deputy Director of DVLA, Kafui Semevor, explained on TV3‘s News @10 on Wednesday the dynamics at pricing of the license: “In the old regime, government was paying for the cards”.

“So, the customer only needed to pay for the registration, but in this one, government is not. So, the cost will have to be borne by the applicant, and that is why it is like that.

“We did not include any other charges; we consulted experts and settled on the reasonable price.”

He meanwhile assured that his outfit is working at clearing all backlogs.

“We know we have some backlogs and we are working so hard to clear them. We want to have a clear system before we start receiving applications for the new smart ones. Anyone that has a license with us will surely receive it.”

Benefits of new license

The process is expected to enhance the vehicle registration process because application and processing could be done online.

It simplifies the transfer of ownership of motor vehicles registered in another jurisdiction and eliminates transfer letter(s).

It enables frontline officers of the Authority to determine the information of vehicle owners during the registration process in cases where vehicles were previously registered in another jurisdiction.

By Grace Asare|3FM 92.7||Ghana

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