Don’t accept manifestos without scrutinizing them – Dr. Boateng

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The Dean of Graduate Studies at the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC) has charged Ghanaians to scrutinize manifestos of political parties before accepting them.

Political parties have been criticized for their lack of commitment in implementing promises they make in their manifesto.

Speaking on 3FM’s Late Edition program, Dr. Francis Boateng explains that the only way to keep politicians accountable is to subject their promises to scrutiny.

“I think for now people should be looking for innovative programs that can actually be implemented and let us ask the question whether or not the promise they are making is achievable and if it is achievable, do they have the willingness and the resources to implement it; if they do and it is innovative enough to help with the growth of the economy then let us vote for them”.

Dr. Francis Boateng accused politicians of repeating failed promises to deceive the public.

“If it is the same kind of promises if you go to the internet and the search for hundred common promises of politicians in Ghana you will find them, if any of these is coming in their promise then note that they have promised this over and over and have not delivered them, it is not innovative and they won’t be able to deliver if even they get the power.”

Collins Essuman | 3FM 92.7 |3news.com



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