Deeba to graduate as lawyer from ‘confined community’ in UK

DeebaThe manager of Ghanaian hiplife musician Deeba Acheampong, Pastor Elvis, has disclosed that his artiste never defiled his 8-year-old daughter of his fiancée in the United Kingdom, but rather inserted ginger into her anus.


Speaking on Onua 95.1 FM’s flagship program Anigye Mmre, Pastor Elvis revealed that when Deeba was sent to UK through the INTERPOL Ghana Office of Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID), he was given a lawyer by the UK government to defend him in the trial.

“It was during the trial that the lawyer of Deeba revealed to the court that, his client never defiled his 8-year-old step daughter but he inserted a ginger into her anus and it’s an African way of punishment,” Pastor Elvis lamented.

“When Deeba and his fiancée decided to punish their 8-year daughter for misbehaving, the fiancée was trying to insert the ginger but she couldn’t so ‘Deeba’ took the ginger and inserted it into the girl’s anus,” Pastor Elvis told Christian Agyei Frimpong, the host.

Pastor Elvis went on to say that the little girl went to school and informed her teacher that her father inserted his fingers into her anus and it led to the arrest of ‘Deeba’.

When Christian Agyei asked Pastor Elvis if his artiste has been sentenced to prison custody, Pastor Elvis said: “The findings of the court revealed that Deeba was not with the intention of harming the little daughter, so Deeba was not sentenced to prison custody but he was taken to a confined community and not a prison.

“He will be a free man from that confined environment by the end of this year, so his fans should expect him this year.”

“Deeba has embarked on series of courses where he is now, the courses include Law [and] by 2018 he will graduate as a lawyer,” Pastor Elvis stated.

The arrest of Deeba in Ghana came with a drama, with the involvement of ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Arabian friend, Sheikh Ibn Abu Talib.

Deeba was invited to a five-star hotel in Accra under the pretext of attending a music audition for already established music stars willing to revive their ambitions.

It was during this time when he was giving a free style of his famous Deeba track that the police men from INTERPOL section of the CID came in to arrest him.

By Emmanuel Agyemang|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana

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