Commercial drivers cry over hardship; campaign for Akufo-Addo

Some of the members of Drivers for Change wearing Akufo-Addo branded T-shirts

A group of commercial drivers in the Central Region have formed a movement to campaign for a change in government, citing ‘hard economic conditions’ which they say is crippling their business.

Calling themselves “Drivers For Change,” they say the astronomical increment in fuel , insurance premiums, spare parts,  and road worthiness stickers among others under the National Democratic Congress-led government has necessitated the need for their call for change.

“We believe that if we do not call for change in the upcoming general elections in November 2016,  most of us will leave the driving business and there will be nothing for us to do,” President of the group, Kweku  Boateng said at the launch of group Tuesday in Cape Coast.


TV3’s Thomas Cann reported that about 200 commercial drivers attended the launch of the group have rallied support for the flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

They claim to have 840 members in the central region, and would move to get members from other regions of the country.

They wore T-shirts designed with NPP colours with Nana Akufo-Addo’s picture and his party’s logo embossed in the shirts.

“We’re suffering . We will continue with our campaign until Nana Akufo-Addo wins power in 2017,” Mr Boateng said, noting “It has been very difficult to make our daily sales, renew our vehicle insurance premium and buy enough fuel to run our vehicles, let alone cater for our families,”

They argued that the rate at which prices of vehicle parts and petroleum products among other related items have gone up between 2008 and now has been sky-high.

They said petrol in 2008 was sold at GHC3.50 per gallon at a time that the crude price on the world market was 147 dollars a barrel, hence do not understand why it should now sell at GHC17.00 when crude is being sold 50 dollars a barrel.

“We have watched the situation very critically and have come to the conclusion that this government cannot make things better for us. Prices are increased without consultation and we only learn of the increases when we are buy items,” Mr Boateng said.

By 3news.com|Ghana

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