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Prez must embolden security agencies to clamp down on vigilante groups – Irbard

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The Executive Director of Irbard Security Consult, Irbard Ibrahim has attributed the proliferation of vigilante groups in the country to the failure of successive governments to query their existence and halt their operations.

He is therefore calling on the president, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to speak against and disown these political-based vigilante groups. He also called on the president to empower the national security agencies to clamp down on these vigilante groups.

In an interview with Henry Eliud Yankey on Connect FM’s weekday political program ‘Asem Yi Dzi Ka’ on Monday, Mr. Ibrahim said the insurgence of these groups is an indication that “Ghana lacks comprehensive strategies to counter vigilante groups”.

He added that new groups are springing up of late because the negative operations of the existing vigilante groups are not being condemned.

“Some of these young men feel emboldened to form such groups because the traditional ones instead of vilifying them we are glorifying them, instead of denouncing them rather, we are praising them.”

He revealed that President Akufo-Addo is not able to denounce these groups because the “president’s hands are tied”, noting that every government knows power cannot be willed to one political party hence the creation of such vigilante groups for their safety.

The security analysis opined, political parties tolerate such groups because they do not have state security apparatus at their disposal when they are in opposition.

“President is afraid because his incumbent party is harboring fear of going into opposition either after 4 years or 40 years and as a result cannot be too hard on clamping down on these gentlemen or young men; if they do, they lose protection should they go into opposition,”  Irbard Ibrahim observed.

He however encouraged the president to “speak, name these groups declare them persona non grata and embolden our security system to deal with them”.

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Mahama can’t be guaranteed 2020 flagbearership – NDC

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The Ashanti Region branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) says it cannot guarantee the party’s leadership slot for the former president, John Mahama, come 2020.

The regional branch says so many things can change from now to the time the party will go to primaries to elect a flagbearer.

So, it will be premature for the party to conclude that it will go with the former president as its flagbearer, the branch said.

NDC’s regional First Vice Chairman Alex Attivor Sawyer expressed the sentiments on Onua FM’s Ghana Dadwene on Tuesday, March 28.

The show was looking at the restructuring of the NDC in the Region after the humiliating defeat in the 2016 elections.

Mr. Attivor Sawyer said the NDC has so many people to contest President Mahama in 2020 “so we shall look at their political pedigree” when the time comes.

The Vice Chairman explained that “it can help us in 2020 if we present him [former President Mahama] because he did well in some parts but uniting the party I can’t guarantee that”.

Asked whether Former President Mahama knew the challenges in the party when they were going into the 2016 elections, Mr. Sawyer opined that “he is the leader of the party and he must be aware of the problems in the party”.


The NDC Chairman blamed the former President and all the executives for last year’s defeat.

“The former President and all the executives must be blamed but some people must be blamed more depending on where you are. From the presidency to national to region to constituency to wards, we are all to be blamed because whenever there was an issue, there was no one to solve the issue. They were all busy and how to talk to members were even bad,” the peeved Chairman said.

He added that “because of the attitudes of our executives, some people decided not vote for the NDC. Some did not go to vote at all and that led to the defeat”.

Regional campaign team

Mr. Sawyer noted that the regional campaign team was formed without those who had experience, adding that “the campaign coordinator who was the deputy minister was not seen. He did not know how the party works and how the campaign team was formed was bad”.

“They were calling their favorites into the team while those who know the party issues and can do the job were not involved.

“I don’t know why some people think the regional executives should not form the campaign team because I, as the vice chairman, was not part.

Mr Sawyer says he felt they thought there will be some huge money at their disposal.

Alleged money squandering

Mr. Sawyer alleged that the national office gave all the ten regional branches some funds to run the campaign but those on the grounds did not receive any money.

“It went to the whole country but we did not receive anything until the day before the elections that the Regional Chairman took some money to Mampong and called some DCEs and gave them some funds.

“He gave 17 out of the 47 constituencies and the rest is nowhere to be found,” the Vice Chairman alleged.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana

Prof Adu Boahen ‘was broke as a historian’

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Prof Adu Boahen died on the day he marked his 74th birthday

Late Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Professor Albert Adu Boahen was broke as a historian and continued to be broke, his son has revealed.

Charles Adu Boahen said his father’s plight made the good old professor advise his children against pursuing history.

Mr Adu Boahen said his father wanted them to study engineering at the university.

He, therefore, had to enroll at the University of Ghana as a Chemical Engineering student before abandoning that course after just one year for the United States of America (USA).

The son of the late academic made this known at his vetting on Tuesday, March 28.

He has been nominated as a Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.

During his vetting, he revealed that his father did not want his children to follow the same path that he did, probably not politics.

The Deputy Finance Minister-designate revealed how his senior brother had to also enroll as an engineering student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi, Ghana but left a year later.

Charles Adu Boahen revealed how he had to change course after receiving counseling later in the US, where he took up citizenship. He has since completed a process to denounce that citizenship.

Professor Adu Boahen was one of the foremost Ghanaian historians. He was posthumously awarded Order of the Star in 2006.

He was NPP’s first presidential candidate but lost the 1992 presidential polls to Jerry John Rawlings.

He died on May 24, 2006, exactly 74 years after he was born.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

Prez Akufo-Addo to embark on three-day visit to A/R

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The president will address a rally on Sunday

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is scheduled to be in the Ashanti Region from Friday, March 31 on an official visit.

It is unclear what the president will be in the Region for but believes the recent activities of vigilante groups may have informed the visit.

Already, the Flagstaff House has invited the regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Bernard Antwi Boasiako, over the issues.

The president will address a rally expected to be attended by supporters of the party on Sunday, April 2.

These were contained in a release issued by the NPP Regional Secretary Samuel Pyne on Tuesday, March 28.


Flagstaff house summons Chairman Wuntomi over ‘Delta Force’

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The Ashanti regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party, Bernard Antwi Boasiako popularly called Chairman Wuntomi has been summoned to the seat of government over the recent acts of a vigilante group known as Delta Force.

The group which is allegedly formed by Chairman Wuntomi has claimed affiliation to the governing NPP.

Over 100 members of the Delta Force vigilante group attacked the offices of the Ashanti regional Security Coordinating Council and threw out the coordinator – George Adjei, indicating that they (the group) do not recognise him and that he was not from the region.

But for the intervention of the police service, they group may have physically harmed the coordinator. The huge condemnation greeted the entire episode with people questioning the locus of the group to undertake such a lawless act.

The leader of the group was arrested and granted bail a day after. He expressed regret over the groups actions and pleaded with the president, Nana Akufo Addo to forgive them over their action adding that it would not happen again.

Four other members of the group have been picked up by the police for interrogation and to help with investigations.

Mr. Antwi Boasiako is to answer questions about the activities of the group and why it was formed in the first place.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana

Two seek Supreme Court injunction on ‘MPs Common Fund’

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Two citizens recorded as students of the Faculty of Law of the University of Cape Coast have filed a suit at the Supreme Court, seeking interpretation on the creation of the District Assemblies Common Fund as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution.

According to the writ filed on Monday, March 27, the allocation of part of the Common Fund to members of Parliament (MPs), assuming the name MPs Common Fund is “inconsistent with and sins against the letter and spirit of articles 252 (1), (2) and (3) of the Constitution, 1992”.

The two citizens – John Ndebugri and Richard Kwadwo Nyarko – are seeking, among three reliefs, “interim injunction order restraining the District Assemblies Common Fund Administrator, his agents, assigns and servants from allocating or disbursing any portion or share of monies accruing to the District Assemblies Common Fund to Members of Parliament under any guise and Regional Coordinating Councils until the final determination of this suit”.

The suit is against the Attorney General.

The plaintiffs say there is nothing like MPs Common Fund in the constitution and the allocation of 5% of the District Assemblies Common Fund to the MPs’ is without legitimacy.

The AG has been given 14 days within which to file its response.

The issue has cropped up after it emerged that part of the District Assemblies Common Fund will be allocated for government’s new project of Infrastructure for Poverty Eradication Programme (IPEP), which will see each constituency given $1 million.

This was captured in the Minister of Finance’s budget delivery on Thursday, March 2.

By Emmanuel Kwame Amoh||Ghana

Ejisu-Juaben NPP executives vow to resist Serwaa Derkye as MCE

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Some executives of the New Patriotic Party in the Ejisu-Juaben Municipality have joined forces with a group of the party’s youth to resist any attempt to appoint a non-indigene as the Municipal Chief Executive.

They have vowed to resist anyone appointed by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, who is not a native of the area.

Some youth of the party last Friday staged a demonstration to declare their intention to resist Serwaa Derkye, who is the first deputy regional chairperson of the NPP and the favourite among the five nominees presented to the President. They claim she does not vote anywhere in the municipality.

READ: Ejisu-Juaben NPP youth protest attempts to make ‘stranger’ MCE

On Monday, some executives of the party in the municipality staged the second of such demonstrations to register their displeasure about what they claim to be moves by some of the leadership of the party to get a stranger appointed as MCE.

Ejisu is one of the largest constituencies in the region, contributing immensely to the electoral fortunes of the ruling NPP.

Clad in red, the demonstrators, comprising polling station executives, electoral area coordinators and some constituency executives, moved through some principal streets of Ejisu to protest.

The group claims their action is necessitated by attempts of some persons close to corridors of power to get Madam Derkye nominated by the president as MCE.

Secretary to the Ejisu NPP women’s wing, Vivian Opoku, says the choice of a non-indigene for the position will not be accepted.

The situation has created tension within the camp of the ruling NPP in the area.

Members of the Council of Elders in the constituency have also thrown their support behind the demonstrators to get a native of the constituency as MCE.

By Benjamin Aidoo|TV3||Ghana

I feel bad for what we did – ‘Delta Force’ leader

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The leader of vigilante group Delta Force, which stormed the premises of the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinating Council (REGSEC) to attack the newly appointed head of the Council, has apologized to the president for their unruly behaviour.

Speaking to the media after he was granted bail, Nana Fosu Nsiah-Boadu said “we beg the president, we are ready to obey him”.

“I feel bad and I wish we did not did not do it. It will not happen again,” he begged.

On Friday, March 24, some macho men invaded the offices of REGSEC, heckled the Coordinator, who had been appointed by President Nana Akufo-Addo, and vandalized items in the office.

According to the vigilante group, they did not know the Security Coordinator, George Adjei, and he was not a member of the Region to be appointed regional coordinator.

It took the intervention of the police for calm to be restored.

George Adjei was whisked away to safety by the police.

By Martin Asiedu-Dartey||Ghana

Vetting begins Monday for last batch of ministers-designate

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Deputy Majority Leader (M) will face the Committee on Monday, March 27

Parliament’s Appointments Committee will from Monday, March 27 vet the last batch of ministerial nominees of President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The last batch saw 54 persons, mostly deputy ministers, nominated by the president.

On Monday, as per its schedule, the Committee will vet its Deputy Chair and  Deputy Majority Leader, Sarah Adwoa Safo, who has been nominated as Minister of State in charge of Public Procurement.

She will be followed by another Minister of State at the Office of the President, Bryan Acheampong.

The Member of Parliament for Abetifi Constituency will be followed by Professor Kwesi Yankah, who has been nominated as a Minister of State in charge of Tertiary Education.

Dr Nura Gyeile will also take his turn as President Akufo-Addo’s nominee of Minister in charge of Agriculture.

The Committee is likely to begin vetting deputy ministers-designate as well.

A “sensitive” ministry, according to reports, is expected to have its deputy vetted on Monday.

Since Parliament is scheduled to rise on Friday, March 31, the Appointments Committee will break its proceedings on Thursday to continue later in May.

Until then, the Finance, Energy, Justice, Roads and Highways, Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Local Government and Rural Development, Transport, Sanitation and Water Resources and Education ministries will have their deputy nominees vetted between Tuesday and Thursday.


Ghana close to becoming a banana republic – Kweku Baako

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Veteran journalist, Kweku Baako is scared the actions of marauding vigilante groups aligned to the governing New Patriotic Party could end Ghana in a banana state.

Recounting some instances where some notable vigilante groups including Invisible Forces, Kandahar Boys, and Delta Force have attacked state installations and persons, he said it is becoming frustrating.

The latest attack which has attracted a nationwide condemnation is the one on Mr George Adjei, who was appointed as the regional security coordinator by President Akufo-Addo.

Some well-built men from the Delta Force allegedly stormed the Ashanti Regional Coordinating Council on Friday, March 24 to stop Mr Adjei from performing his duties because the group said they cannot work with him.

Commenting on the attack on Joy FM’s Newsfile, Kweku Baako appeared more worried because the recent attacks are coming after President Akufo-Addo and his Interior Minister Ambrose Dery have condemned such acts and asked the security agencies to act.

Unfortunately, persons who staged such unlawful attacks have gone “scot-free”, he noted recounting his recent encounter with one Jalil Bawa who discounted police account’s that he is gone into hiding for allegedly attacking a police officer at the Flagstaff House.


Read: ASP Nanka Bruce’s attacker goes into hiding after Flagstaff Hse assault – Baako reveals

Having watched video of yesterday’s attack, the veteran journalist described the action as “unmitigated disaster and it ought not be countenance one bit,” and assessed that the country is gradually entering a banana state.

The Cambridge dictionary defines banana republic as “a small country, especially in South and Central America, that is poor, corrupt, and badly ruled

“Is it not too many, is it not frustrating, are we not cutting a picture of ridicule of this great nation? Aren’t we looking like a banana republic? Is not what we are looking at? The president has spoken…and yet these things are still happening,” Mr. Baako said in despair.

He charged the security agencies to immediately arrest a man parading himself as the spokesperson for the Delta Force to help identify the culprits who belong to his group.

Meanwhile, a Deputy Minister-designate for the Attorney-General , Joseph Dinkiok Kpemka has condemned the Delta Force attack, saying it has “created a scare on our political history”

He maintained that such “unfortunate incident” should be nip in the bud to avoid future occurrence.

Story by Isaac Essel | | Ghana