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Up your game – Youth group tells Akufo-Addo

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A youth group, Dynamic Youth Movement of Ghana, has asked the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and his government to up their game in turning the country’s economy around for the betterment of its youth.

The group said it has observed that there are issues affecting the economic wellbeing of the people, including education, job creation, corruption and general insecurity, which it said if not addressed, could “threaten the peace in the country.

It claimed that the economic conditions of the people keep deteriorating, indicating in the last eight months transport fares have gone up just as petroleum prices have, prices of food items have also shot up to the extend that even one piece of tomato now sells at GHC1.

“Electricity bills are still the same, Bank of Ghana says interest rates have reduced but cost of borrowing is still high at commercial rate of between 28 to 32 per cent and the private sector is suffering”.

The group said this at a news conference Tuesday to commemorate International Youth Day.

“We the Youth of Ghana have a voice. The voice, just like two edged sword, will commend where necessary and reprimand where mandatory. We are the future leaders, however our tomorrow is today,” Convener Edward Tuttor said.

He said it was unfortunate that in the face of unemployment in the country, those already in employment are being sacked from the public sector while trained nurses are begging to be employed.

On the educational front, the group expressed disappointment over the recent fee increment by tertiary institutions, which it said “is making parents go crazy”

The group said it was not happy about the slashing of the number of people to be admitted into the various public and private nursing training schools.

“Is Government implying it is reducing nursing trainee admissions because there is no money to pay nursing trainee allowances? Why didn’t the President reduce the number of 110 Ministers to save the public purse too?

It said the salary of one minister for a year can pay the allowances of over 300 nursing trainees, adding that the hearts of the Youth of Ghana are bleeding with pain and disappointment.

Read the full statement below

A Paper Delivered to the Ghanaian Press, in Commemoration of the United Nations, International Youth Day, 12th August, 2017 at the International Press Centre, Accra.


DYMOG is a non-partisan civil Society Organization that primarily seeks to champion the course of the Ghanaian Youth. Since our inception in February 2017, we have been committed to representing the voice of the Youth in the Governance issues of our beloved country. Fellow Ghanaians, as at Tuesday 8th August, 2017, the population of Ghana was estimated at 28,714,100-according to the United Nations Population Division. It’s important to note that almost 30% of our population fall within the Youth Bracket (15 to 35 years) as established by the Ghana Youth Policy (2010).

Ladies and Gentlemen, to be very factual, we are talking over eight (8) million Ghanaians between the ages of 15 and 35 years.  A significant number of our population interests DYMOG stands for.

As we commemorate the International Youth Day, we should all ask,

  • What is the economical and emotional disposition of the Ghanaian Youth?
  • Are the aspirations of the Ghanaian Youth being fulfilled?
  • What conscious opportunities are available to the Youth?
  • Does Government have good intentions for the Ghanaian Youth?
  • What are the possible consequences when the Youth are hopelessly hopeless?

These are but few of the many questions lingering on the minds of the Ghanaian Youth. We elect leadership with the unflinching hope that our dreams and aspirations will be met. However, the basic tenets of Democracy don’t require citizens to fold their arms and watch Government perform a drama. We also have a role to play. But what if Government doesn’t create opportunities for the Youth to contribute to Nation building?

We the Youth of Ghana have a voice. The voice, just like two edged sword, will commend where necessary and reprimand where mandatory. We are the future leaders, however our tomorrow is today.

DYMOG is grateful to the United Nations for choosing a theme that resonates with the Ghanaian Youth- “Youth Building Peace”.

“A Nations Youth are the Trustees of Posterity”—Benjamin Disreali

This paper will address how the Governance of our Nation in terms of Economy, Job Creation, Education, Corruption and Security influence the ability of the Youth to contribute to Peace building in the context of current happenings in our beloved Ghana.

We the Youth have a nonnegotiable mandate to advocate for competent and pragmatic Leadership that is beneficial to the Ghanaian Youth. This is constitutional. This godly charge is crucial vis-a-vis the wellbeing of the current generation and the inheritance of future generations.

Fellow Ghanaians, the point must be made that it is almost impossible to entreat the youth to contribute to peace building when conditions in the country do not give the Youth simple peace of mind. DYMOG believes, if little drops of water can make a mighty ocean, conversely, little drops of fire can create hell as well.

There are numerous issues transpiring in Ghana at the moment which we believe are flashes of fire, that if not quenched can threaten the peace and tranquility we are enjoying as a Nation.

These issues we categorize into:

  • Economic well-being
  • Education
  • Job Creation
  • Corruption
  • General Security



Fellow Ghanaians, it’s an incontrovertible truth that, it is the Youth that suffer the most as a result of poor economic leadership all over the world. For this reason, we shall always lead the charge to always demand for leadership that produces the panacea to our economic woes we face as citizens. DYMOG admits it is barely eight (8) months the Akufo Addo led Government has been in charge of our Economy, but we the Youth are feeling deteriorating economic hardship. In barely eight months:

  1. Transport fares have been increased
  2. Gas, Petrol and Diesel prices have been increased
  3. Basic food items like tomatoes cost 1ghc for just one. Prices of provisions such as sugar, soap, toothpaste among others keep increasing
  4. Electricity Bills are still the same
  5. Bank of Ghana says interest rates have reduced but cost of Borrowing is still high at Commercial Banks (between 28% to 32%) and the private sector is suffering.
  6. The Cedi ratio against the Dollar which Ghanaians are hopeful will match up against the Dollar sadly is fast depreciating at 4.5ghc at interbank rate
  7. Importers of goods are still crying over high import duties.

These are but few of the occurrences that are making Ghana a ‘hell’ for the Ghanaian Youth. The Economic situation is so bad such that shamefully, most youth today are still dependent on their parents despite completing school with certificates.

The slim section of the Ghanaian Youth who are employed can barely save since cost of goods and services are taking all their income-hand to mouth syndrome.

This situation has created an embarrassing situation where the Youth are struggling to start life and be financially independent as compared to our counterparts in other countries.


Fellow Ghanaians, in May 2016, the World Bank released a report on a project dubbed “Landscape of Jobs in Ghana”. The report revealed that 48% of Ghanaian Youth are unemployed. Truth be told, Youth unemployment has been an albatross around the neck of developing countries like Ghana. Our President, then candidate Nana Akuffo Addo and running mate Dr. Bawumia did give colossal hope to us the Youth.

The Youth of Ghana remember the words of candidate Nana Akufo Addo on 22nd June, 2016 at Suame Magazine (Ashanti Region)-“God has not placed us on this rich land to be poor. Ghana is not a poor Country. The money is here in abundance. It is just a matter of priority”. They assured us the Youth, jobs will be created. But today, there is no glimpse of hope. Unemployment has mercilessly engulfed the vast majority of the Youth. The Ghanaian Youth are wallowing in the deep valleys of utmost despair. Pain and suffering is our song.

Barely eight (8) months in Government, the Akufo Addo led Government, has not created any visible job for us but sadly, the following are happening:

  1. Already employed youth are being sacked from the public Sector and replaced with Party folks. For instance National Service Secretariat 2016 Recruits.
  2. Trained Health professionals like Nurses who have been trained with state resources today, are begging to be employed but Government says there is no job. President Nana Akuffo Addo promised to employ all these Nurses when voted but today his Government has painfully neglected them. Inhumanely, the bonding contract between Government and Nursing Trainees has been repealed and will take effect 2017/2018 academic year. Do we have too many nurses such that we don’t need more?
  3. The private sector evidently with all their lamentations, are unable to employ the Youth especially graduates.
  4. The final straw that broke the back of the camel is the recent bombshell by the Senior Minister Hon. Yaw Osafo Marfo at the 2017 Ghana Economic Forum – “Today under the IMF Program, the Public Sector is full and we need to create employment. The Sector is full and indeed it is full. Perhaps we even need to lay some off”. The hope of the Ghanaian Youth has been raised so high and mercilessly crushed barely eight (8) months. So now where do we go? Has Government lost steam in creating jobs? This is a big statement.

Government has high hopes of creating jobs through One district One factory Policy, but there are no signals of emerging factories. Until that what do we do? It is highly melancholic the Nation is blessed with many agile Youth who are willing to help build the Nation but our Government has no clue of utilizing millions of rich human resources to build our Nation.

Finally on unemployment, is Government aware that unemployment is a threat to National Security? Youthful unemployment has been one of the primary causes of political unrest in other Nations. Please, our peace is important, but Government shouldn’t push the Youth to that point.


Fellow Ghanaians, we are aware of the fact that, Education is what builds a Nation. On this premise, a threat to Education is a threat to our progress and development as a Nation.

Today, Education has become so painful for students and parents especially at the Senior High and Tertiary level.

The magnitude of suffering parents are going through to see their children through school cannot be over emphasized! The Youth of this Nation can resonate with hardship faced in the education sector.

Free SHS Education

Free SHS is good and we welcome it but unfortunately, as we speak it has not been clearly defined. There are existing issues affecting the quality of Free Senior High School Education. For instance, pupil to sitting space ratio, pupil to text books ratio, teacher to student’s ratio among others. Available records at the Ghana Education Service reveals. Furthermore, the cost of free SHS program isn’t being made clear. At least in Uganda, cost of Free SHS is $82 per student. In Ghana, what is the cost of free SHS per student? Albeit the fact that this policy is ill timed, it is also a recipe for disaster for secondary education as sustainability will become a crises soon. Our President, in an exclusive interview granted to GTV and Citi Fm few months ago said, “We don’t need to get all the money before we start, let us start as we go along we will get the money”. Clearly this is doom looming!

University School Fees

There are many challenges bedeviling the Tertiary student. However, one of the big challenges is high cost of school fees. Recently, Public Universities have announced astronomical school fees. These cutthroat fees are making parents go crazy. In these times when milk and honey isn’t flowing, how will parents manage to pay? Students who fend for themselves, how are they going to pay for their fees? The Youth of this country are being burdened by our Government.

Nursing Trainee Admission Slash

Principled leadership is largely missing in this Akufo Addo led administration. Why do our leaders keep making promises they know they cannot keep? Nursing Trainees were told ‘Nursing Training Allowances’ were going to be restored fully and access to nursing Trainee Institutions was never going to be affected negatively.  Today, Nursing Trainees admissions are being slashed in both private and public Institutions.  Last year, 7335 students were admitted but this year the number has been reduced to 5737. In all, we are talking about 1600 admission losses.  These are some of the schools affected; Pentecost University can now admit only 35 instead of 96 students, Ntotrotroso College of Nursing has admission reduced from 235 to only 82 students, Keta Nursing and Midwifery College reduced from 137 to 77 students, Cape Coast Training College is also to reduce admission from 229 to 91 students inter alia. It must be stated that this policy is an explicit demonstration of gross insensitivity to the welfare of the Youth.

Is Government implying it is reducing Nursing Trainee admissions because there is no money to pay Nursing Trainee Allowances? The Youth of this Nation humbly ask the President, why didn’t the President reduce the number of 110 Ministers to save the public purse too? Because mathematically speaking, the Salary of one Minister for a year can pay the allowances of over 300 Nursing Trainees. The hearts of the Youth of Ghana are bleeding with pain and disappointment.

Teacher Trainees Allowance

Fellow Ghanaians, we all remember the assurances that were given to Teacher Trainees by then candidate Nana Akufo Addo. Sadly, the Teacher Trainees allowances have not been replaced. Instead, the Student Loan Trust Fund Scheme is being forced down the Throat of students such that if you don’t register with the SLTF, you cannot undertake your academic registration. The Youth of this Nation feel disappointed.


Fellow Ghanaians, one of the major reasons that have made citizens kick out regimes is perceived or proven allegations of corruption. Ghanaians were very unhappy and accepted the message of then Candidate Akuffo Addo to fight corruption and protect the public purse. The explosive exuberance of the President against corruption seems to plummet as he is now the man in charge.

Quite sadly, under the tutelage of His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo the perception of stinking corruption is on the rise with no single action being taken.

We can all resonate with the following in barely eight months of Leadership:

  1. The issuing of a controversial $2.25 Billion Bond, which is currently under investigation
  2. The outrageous spending during Ghana at 60 celebrations for instance spending GHC 5 Million on just 6th March,2017 parade.
  3. The infamous BOST scandal involving BOST MD Mr. Fred Obeng selling 5 Million Liters of contaminated oil to Movinpinna Company and Zup Oil. This transaction took place under bizarre circumstances which needed a Presidential inquiry. But till date nothing despite the call by Civil Society like IMANI and Occupy Ghana! We thank STRANEK for taking this serious matter to High court.

The economy is bad. Ghanaians are suffering. There seems to be no glimpse of hope in the horizon. But what do we see? Our public officials who promised to protect the public purse are rather draining it without mercy. The Youth of our Nation are peeved as our dreams and aspirations are being smashed like eggs right before our eyes.

American musician Kurt Cobain once said–“The Duty of Youth is to challenge Corruption”. DYMOG uses this platform to assure Ghanaians that we are going to take the fight against corruption seriously. We shall expose and demand accountability from our leaders irrespective of who is in involved.


The peace of mind and safety of Ghanaians cannot be traded with all the gold in the world. Our peace and security is absolutely priceless.

Aside economic hardship, unemployment and corruption, we citizens face intermittent break down of law and order. Our security officials are not even safe.         Members of Invisible Forces can now publicly threaten to cause mayhem and sadly our security agencies can do nothing about it although there is video evidence to that effect. Just last week, a man heinously shot a mechanic because of disagreement over parking space. We the Youth don’t feel safe.

Fellow Ghanaians, even though we welcome Operation Vanguard in the fight against Galamsey, DYMOG officially wants to caution Government that, it should be done with caution because this can degenerate into bigger mayhem which will lead to loss of lives and topple community development. So far about 8 people have died in the Task Force operation so far, expensive machinery are being burnt among others. Government should be tactical about this.


  1. Government should realize that its leadership by far is a breach of the 1992 Constitution. Article 1. Clause 1.
  2. Government should organize a “National Governance and Policy Forum” and take ideas from other Political Parties, Civil Society and Citizens. This will help Government is solving the challenges that befall us.



Fellow Ghanaians, once again we appreciate the theme of the United Nations for this year’s International Youth Celebration—“Youth Building Peace”. Essentially and commonsensically, the Youth have a big role to play in securing the Peace and sanctity of our dear Nation. That notwithstanding, the Government of the day also has roles to play and secure the essential pillars of peace. These pillars of peace are established and championed by the Institute for Economics and Peace, a non-partisan Global Think Thank based in New York and Sydney.

Fellow Ghanaians, the proverb that the highest form of happiness is Peace should be our guiding principle in this discussion. The harmless question we should all be asking is,   are we the Ghanaian Youth happy?  

The ease of doing business in Ghana is increasingly becoming cumbersome and we all should be worrisome. Getting jobs in Ghana is not getting any easier. Fixing three square meals a day for one self and family is as hard as stone.

The avalanche of crime and disasters in the past 7 months has robbed Ghanaians of their peace of mind and tranquility.

Ghanaians are increasingly becoming aware of the deception by politicians and their double standards when in opposition and when in Government.

Fellow Ghanaians, DYMOG isn’t saying all challenges Ghanaians are facing started from the Akufo Addo led government, however it must be stated that President Akufo Addo and Dr. Bawumia raised too high, the hope of the Ghanaian Youth. They promised to make life easy for us, but sadly, the problems of unemployment are on the rise, life is getting harder and corruption is still happening in Government.

DYMOG on behalf of the Ghanaian Youth is appealing to the President, His Excellency Nana Akufo and Dr. Bawumia to up their game and turn the Ghanaian economy around.

The Youth of Ghana still has gargantuan hope in them and we avail ourselves to support in building our Nation.

Thank You.


India gov’t donates $1m for ‘renovation’ of Flagstaff House

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President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on Tuesday received a $1 million donation from the government of India for any renovation works that the seat of Ghana’s government, the Flagstaff House, may require.

The donation was made on behalf of the government of India by Minister of State for External Affairs M.J. Akbar, who called on President Akufo-Addo at the presidency.

It was a courtesy call to mark the Asian nation’s 70th anniversary.

“Today is not only a celebration of the last six or seven decades, but is also a celebration of the next 6 decades, and the birth of a new partnership that will make Ghana such a valuable destination for India,” Minister Akbar said.

“Together, we defeated colonisation. Together, as partners, we must define the future of the 21st century, by lifting our nations and taking them to the economic and equity forefront of the world. Our responsibility is to give the generations of the future an equally dramatic change so that we can also belong to, what is conventionally called, the best of the First World,” he added.

He applauded the policies and programmes being implemented by the Akufo-Addo-led government.

‘Father of Democracy’

Describing President Akufo-Addo as “a father of democracy in Africa”, the External Affairs Minister indicated that the government and people of India celebrate the ongoing contributions made by President Akufo-Addo to Ghana’s development.

“We celebrate also the fact that your programmes and policies, evidenced in your signature policies, about villages, agriculture, are indicative that you are as close to the people of your country as you always have,” Mr. Akhbar said.

“Unfortunately, in human history, sometimes, power distorts the relationship between the powerful and the people. But your commitment to the people, and your constant search for ways and means in which you can improve the lives of your people is the spine around which your government operates.”

Expressing his delight at the visit at of the Minister, President Akufo-Addo noted that the synergy between Indian and Ghanaian freedom was deliberate.

“The people who began the struggle for our nation’s freedom were heavily influenced by events in India. Indeed, it was exactly 11 days before the 15th of August that they met in Saltpond to begin the battle for Ghanaian freedom, and they did so because they were conscious of what was taking place in India,” he said.

He continued, “Many of them, in fact, had close friendships with many of the leading lights of the Indian Nationalist Movement, and thought it would not be right to announce the struggle for Ghanaian freedom after Indian independence. So they did everything possible to assemble in Saltpond, even if it was 11 days before India’s independence.”

President Akufo-Addo conveyed the appreciation of the Ghanaian people for close and warm relations enjoyed between the two countries, the symbol of which is the Flagstaff House.

He also applauded the impact being made by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, not just domestically but also on the international scene, and also the contribution to the development of Ghana being made by the Indian community resident here.

President Akufo-Addo also thanked the government and people of India for the $1 million donated for the rehabilitation of the Flagstaff House.

The President was hopeful that in the course of his and the administration of Prime Minister Modi, Ghana and India would explore further “avenues of economic intercourse and development. There is so much our two countries can gain from stepping up the quality of the value of exchanges between our two countries, which currently stands in the region of $3 billion.”


IGP deploys homicide detectives to investigate death of four at Akukuaso

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IGP Asante Apeatu wants the cause of death unravelled

The Inspector General Police has deployed a special investigative team comprising homicide detectives and crime scene management to Akukuaso near Kwabeng in the Eastern Region to investigate the death of four people alleged to be illegal miners.

The IGP took the action following Saturday’s reports of the death of the four people, who were alleged to be illegal miners in Akukuaso.

READ: Four people found murdered at galamsey site in E/R

A statement on Tuesday said a special unit of the Ghana Police Service will be collaborating with stakeholders to “conduct further investigation to uncover the circumstances leading to the deaths”.

The statement says that preliminary investigations by the police indicated that the deceased were conveying an excavator on a pay loader from Anyinam to Extra Gold Mining Concession at Akukuaso but as to how they got killed is yet to be investigated.

The statement has, therefore, assured the public the police administration is in collaboration with the local police, community members and the families of the deceased to conduct full-scale investigations into the matter and has asked the public to also volunteer information.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Regional Security Council has engaged government’s anti-galamsey task force in a meeting regarding the death of the four people.

The death is said to have been perpetrated by the taskforce in their line of duty.

The Operation Vanguard taskforce has since denied the allegations claiming that the incident happened around 11 pm but the taskforce retires to its camp at 6 pm.

By PD Wedam||Ghana

Police officer found dead in room

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Police Constable Stella Adupie was found dead in her Sefwi Asawinso room

A 30-year-old police constable is reported to have been found dead in her room at Sefwi Asawinso in the Western Region.

The incident is said to have occurred around 4:00 pm Monday when her colleague officers had looked for Stella Aceahmpongmaa Adupie to no avail since Sunday.

She is said to have come from Kumasi but lived in a temporary police facility behind the Sefwi Asawinso Police Station, where she worked.

Even though there are no clues as to the cause of her death, the police have commenced investigations into the incident and have since deposited the body at St. John’s Hospital in Sefwi Asafor, gathers.

Narrating the incident to, the Sefwi Asawinso Police Commander, DSP Richard Boahen, said the deceased was at post on Saturday and was seen working as usual, but her colleagues complained that they could not find her on Sunday.

According to him, even though Stella was off that day, her colleagues expected her around because that was usual of her on her off days.

All efforts to reach that day proved futile as her phone was off, he explained.

He added that upon the numerous complaints from her colleagues, he instructed them to go to her room to check if she was in.

After being told her room was locked, he instructed them to break the door and that was when they found the lifeless body of Stella on her bed.

The family of the deceased was informed and invited from Kumasi to come and assist the police in their investigations.

The police and the family have agreed to convey the body to Kumasi for autopsy and burial.

The late Stella was known by colleagues as a very religious person who could lock up herself in her room fasting for a whole day.

By PD Wedam||Ghana

Operation Vanguard ‘must not be vengeance of Major Mahama’s death’

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The joint taskforce was deployed to three regions – Eastern, Ashanti and Western – on July 31

A former Deputy Minister of Communications, Felix Kwakye Ofosu, has called on the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghana Police Service not to use the restoration of the environment caused by illegal mining activities as vengeance on the murder of Major Maxwell Mahama.

The NDC man said “while we make efforts to restore the environment, we cannot kill the citizens” because of what some group of people mistakenly did to their colleague soldier months ago.

Four illegal miners were found dead in a river at Kwarbeng in the Atiwa District of the Eastern Region over the weekend.

Residents alleged the four were brutalized to death by the Operation Vanguard task force during a confrontation at the mining site.

The Operation Vanguard has denied killing the four miners.

The Atiwa Youth Association has called for thorough police investigations, hinting that the deaths may not be as a result of the anti-galamsey taskforce.

Mr. Kwakye Ofosu told TV3’s New Day host Bright Nana Amfoh on Monday that “killing cannot become the way of solving galamsey”.

He said “the Operations Vanguard cannot become way where war is waged against the citizens because some people mistakenly killed an army officer.”

Member of Parliament for Effutu Constituency Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin also said: “In our quest to enforce the laws on citizens, we must be mindful of individuals involved. We sometimes think they have reasons to apply the law, but I will beg to ask, was it really the case that minimum force was applied?”

“The fact that we want to address galamsey does not mean we should breach the Constitution of Ghana which enshrines every Ghanaian the right to live,” he added.

“I will fight against any efforts to kill innocent soul and I believe that this matter must be properly addressed.”

Lawyer Afenyo-Markin said “the President wants them to stop galamsey and not killing innocent souls”.

By Kweku Antwi-Otoo|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana

Mother of child with cerebral palsy starts inclusive educational centre for children

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Mrs Ellen Affam-Dadzie, mother of a seven year old girl with cerebral palsy has started an inclusive educational centre to enable parents of children with cerebral palsy the opportunity to work and earn an income.

The Centre “With God Cerebral Palsy Ghana” also offer physiotherapy services and provide quality care for children with cerebral palsy for free.

Mrs Affam-Dadzie in an interview with the media said she knows how stressful and frustrating it is to have a child with cerebral palsy and decided to offer support this way to enable mothers of such children to earn an income.

“I do not believe that any family or person should become poor simply because they had a child with cerebral palsy, the mothers’ inability to work among other factors is what causes many families to kills these children or even wish their children dead,” she said.

Mrs Affam-Dadzie said since government was not doing much to support children with cerebral palsy and their families she decided to start the centre as her contribution to support such families in her own small way.

“We also intend to set the mothers up in small enterprises so we train the unemployed mothers in soap making, batik and tie and dye making, beads and accessories among others and we hope that corporate organizations will come on board to help us enhance the lives of families with children who have cerebral palsy.”

The With God cerebral palsy Ghana Centre also give the children with cerebral palsy an opportunity to mingle with other children, we are practicing inclusion, Mrs Affam-Dadzie said calling on government to ensure that the inclusive education policy embraces majority of children with cerebral palsy if not all.

She said the very few schools in Ghana that admits children with cerebral palsy were very expensive, many cannot afford, and so what happens to the majority out there.

Mrs Hannah Awadzi, Initiator of the Special Mothers Project lauded the initiative saying “this is what the project is looking for; we need mothers to take up the fight for services and do something to help children with cerebral palsy.

She called on government and corporate organizations to support the centre and make it thrive while calling for more volunteers home and abroad to help make the With God Cerebral Palsy Centre viable.

Source: | Ghana

Woman, 28, shot at Nkonya

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A 28-year-old woman has sustained gunshot wounds following an attack on her by unknown men in Nkonya Monday morning.

She is said to have gone to her farm when the men attacked and shot her.

Her name given only as Mercy, the woman is receiving treatment at a hospital in Ho.

TV3’s Peter Quao Adattor reported on Midday Live that the chiefs and people of Nkonya had invited the paramountcy of Alavanyo for the inauguration of a youth development.

The two neighbouring towns have been embroiled in a long-standing dispute, resulting in the imposition of a curfew.

But when a headway seemed to have been made in resolving the close-to-a-century conflict, the woman was shot at.

The police have begun investigations into the incident, TV3’s correspondent said.


Death of four not by anti-galamsey taskforce – Atiwa youth

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Atiwa Youth Association has called on the police to undertake thorough investigation to fish out the cause of death of four men found in a galamsey pit in Akukuso, a suburb of Kwabeng in the Atiwa West District of the Eastern Region.

A member of the Association, Kudjo Okyere, who spoke on Onua FM’s morning show ‘Yen Nsem Pa’, explained that publications circulating in both main stream and social media may have been twisted to give bad name to the taskforce commissioned by government to weed out illegal miners.

He said although they as an association cannot independently confirm those who were behind the killings, it is only advisable the police hierarchy looks into the matter and brings it to logical conclusion.

“We are entreating the general public to ignore the claim that the death was caused by the anti-galamsey taskforce.

“When the mortal remains of the alleged galamseyers were found, there was no sign of gunshot on their bodies.”

They expressed these sentiments in a statement on Monday.

Find it below:


– Atiwa Youth Association

The attention of the Atiwa Youth Association has been drawn to publications circulating in the media (electronic and social media) concerning the death of four (4) galamseyers at Akukuso – a suburb of Kwabeng.

Atiwa Youth Association is calling on the police to undertake a thorough investigation to fish out what killed them and who is behind their death.

Publications circulating in the media have been given a twist of the issue by attributing their death to the Vanguard (anti-galamsey taskforce).

This allegation by the media is whimsical and was orchestrated by the opposition to government in other to win a political  point.

The anti-galamsey taskforce operated in the Atiwa district about a week ago so, the perpetuators thought of doing that for Ghanaians to attribute it to the Vanguards. Fortunately, the taskforce have not operated in the district since three days

The Atiwa Divisional Police Command has cleared the vanguard of knowing nothing about it.

We are entreating the general public to ignore the claim that the death was caused by the anti-galamsey taskforce.

When the mortal remains of the alleged galamseyers were found, there was no sign of gunshot on their bodies.

Simple logic will tell us that, under no circumstances will an armed military officer lay down his ammunition to fight someone he deem a treat by hands.

The quest by the government to halt galamsey must be deemed a national task.

We need to protect the environment for generations to come just as our forefathers did for us.

Atiwa Youth Association is calling on the Police Service to do all it can to unearth the hidden truth of the incident.

We share our condolences to the bereaved family.

Meanwhile, District Chief Executive of Atiwa West Kwabena Nkansah Panyin has told host of Onua FM’s morning show Bright Kwesi Asempa that there will be DISEC meeting Monday to see the way forward.

By Bright Dzakah|Onua 95.1FM||Ghana

[Video] Tilapia: The ‘delicacy’ that ridicules issues

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One of the masterpieces of Tilapia

It’s a delicious meal, which is booming at every corner of the world, especially in Ghana. It’s served hot, spiced and garnished to get your mouth watering even before you taste it.

It’s none other but your Tilapia, yes Tilapia! But wait a sec, not your edible tilapia. It’s Tilapia Cartoons by 3News’ cartoonist whose work has permeated society in recent times.

With his sharp pencil, he creates humour using the topical issues, which usually generate headlines in the Ghanaian society and beyond, as well as draw attention to critical things as the Tilapia menu served on

“I make sure I don’t go personal; you just ridicule issues and leave it there. I make it in a way that even the characters involved when they see it, they love it,” Michael Tetteh, aka Tilapia told TV3.

Watch a typical day of Tilapia and how he prepares that Tilapia delicacy to serve you

By Stephen Kwabena Effah||Ghana

MFWA schools 50 assembly officials on information disclosure

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Group photo of the participants

Fifty officials from four Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana are currently receiving training on how to improve information disclosure and citizens’ access to information.

The officials comprise chief executives, public relations/information officers, budget officers, planning officers and environmental officers who are drawn from the Tema Metropolitan, Wa Municipal and Twifo Ati-Mokwa, and Ellembelle District assemblies.

Organised by the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA), the training forms part of activities under the project: “Promoting Citizens’ Participation in Local Governance through Increased Access to Information”.

Participants at the training will receive knowledge on and skills in how to effectively utilise media and other governance platforms to share information, and thus become more responsive to citizens’ queries on the management and utilisation of public resources within the local assemblies.

Leaders of the four MMDAs committed to the project when MFWA held inception meetings to broker collaborations between the MMDAs, local-based radio stations and Community Based Organisations.

The MFWA’s Programme Officer for Media, Democracy and Development, Ms. Adizatu Moro Maiga said it is important for citizens to receive information from their duty bearers on how public resources are managed and utilized.

“This does not only build trust in leaders; it also reduces citizens’ apathy towards local development” she added.

Launching the project in Wa, the Deputy Upper West Regional Minister, Mr Chinnia Issahaku, observed that granting citizens’ access to information helps to dispel the negative perception they have about local authorities and their work.

He therefore charged the assembly officials to take advantage of the project to explore effective ways to become more accessible to the community citizens.

The MFWA’s Access to Information Project seeks to promote accountability, transparency and inclusive governance.

It is currently being implemented in partnership with DW Akadamie in four pilot districts and with OSIWA in five additional districts.

It involves community forums, comprehensive capacity building programmes for local radio stations based in the target districts as well as support for media programme production on community development and governance issues.

Other activities under the project include training of young community members in citizen journalism, and production of policy briefs highlighting community development and governance challenges in the target districts.