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C/R: Two arrested for ‘altering’ expiring dates of edible products

Some boxes of the alleged expired products

The Kasoa district police command on Saturday, May 12,  arrested two suspects at Adam Nana, near Kasoa, for allegedly altering the expiring dates of some assorted edible products. 

The act amounts to deception of consumers, contrary to section 113 of the Public Health Act 2012,  Act 851.  

Altering of expiring dates of products also constitutes false labeling or advertisement of food or drug, an act which contravenes section 5 of the P.N.D.C.L 3058 Food and Drugs Act, 1992.

The arrest, according to the police, was effected upon a tip-off they received indicating some people were hiding in a room at Adam Nana, a suburb of Kasoa altering the expiry dates of some edible products and cosmetics.

The Police proceeded to the scene and arrested two suspects whose names were given as  Danso Abbeam and Perpetual Owusua.

A truck loaded with boxes of the alleged expired products

The items retrieved from their hideout are as follows: 78 boxes of Apple bubble gums, 95 boxes of Lele corn flakes, 115 boxes of Lorenz crunch chips, 40 boxes of Tom evaporated milk, 215 pieces of Vaseline body lotion, 135 pieces of cocoa paa body lotion, 18 pieces of Neutro body lotion, 35 sachets of chicken spices, 25 packets of black mosquito coils, 2 boxes of Dr. baked beans, all suspected to be expired products.

Observation by the police revealed that the expiry dates of most of the products have been altered, some of which have been retained as exhibits for further investigation.The suspects have since been in police custody.


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