by Stephen Kwabena Effah

August 10, 2017

Boakye-DJan hits back at critics: NDC did not lose because of corruption

A member of the National Democratic Congress, Major Rtd Boakye-DJan, has refuted claims by former Minister for Defence, Dr.Benjamin Kunbuor, that the party lost the December 2016 general elections because of corruption.

Dr Kunbuor in a statement issued on April 5, 2017 said the party must be ready to admit the perceptions of corruption that have tainted John Mahama administration.

“In doing so, it [party] has to admit the bitter truth that the party has been contaminated by its government with the connivance of some of its leaders with a perception of corruption,” he claimed in the statement.

But commenting on that, the ex-military officer disagreed with Mr Kunbour, arguing Dr  Kunbour has no locus to make such comments because he could not do anything as a member of parliament to nib the so called corruption in the bud.

“…if you are a leader of parliament and you could not initiate policies to minimize corruption then you have no business telling us we were defeated because of corruption,” he contended Thursday on 3FM’s morning show, Sunrise.

According to Boakye-DJan, the comments of Kunbour did not come as a surprise because it is evident that Kunbuor comes from a section of the NDC that does not see anything right with the John Mahama administration.

Asked by host of the show, Winston Amoah, as to what accounted for the party’s defeat, Mr Boakye-Djan resisted being drawn into discussing that issue, citing the Kwesi Botwey’s report, which is yet to be made public, as the basis.

He said he feels it is an act of betrayal to allow the issue of corruption dominates the whole conversation about the Mahama administration, noting corruption exists everywhere in the world.

“It’s not the quantity, the volume of the corruption we’re worried about but the issue of corruption in an organization must not be allowed to dominate anything.

“In any case, which country in the world is free of corruption that we can use as an example? Give me one country from Russia to China to America, Canada. You see, it’s the way you manage it. It’s not making a policy out of it,” he argued.

For him, the NDC was able to manage corruption well during their administration. He premised his assertion on what he said were attempts to investigate cases of corruption.

He said if the NDC did not manage corruption well, then there would have been no need carrying out those investigations

On the prospects of the party with John Mahama as flagbearer in the 2020 general elections, Boakye Gyan said: “He [John Mahama] is the best thing for the NDC”.

He explained that John Mahama has an enviable record in the fourth republic of winning once and losin once, which he said, puts Mahama in the lead.

By P.D Wedam||Ghana

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