by Isaac Essel

November 13, 2017

Bimbilla Chieftaincy Conflict: The Issues, the Facts and the Fictions

The current regent of Bimbilla


The Nanun kingdom was founded by Naa Nmantambu in the thirteenth century and like many African societies with kingship succession issues, they arise from time to time.

Succession to the Bimbilla Skin is patrilineal and requires direct blood relationship with past Bimbilla. In other words, to ascend to the skin, a prospective applicant must be a son of a Bimbilla Naa or a patrilineal grandson of a Bimbilla Naa.

Conflicts over succession are not new but the traditional system has mechanisms for resolving such conflicts; and in modern times, they include the Traditional Council, Regional House of Chiefs and the National House of Chiefs, and the judicial system of the Republic of Ghana.

From Naa Nmantambu to Bimbilla Naa Andani Dasana Abdulai (2004-2014), Nanun has produced thirty-two (32)kings. The current impasse between Bimbilla Naa Andani Dasana Abdulai and the late Nakpa Naa Salifu Dawuni over succession is not new, but what is new is an attempt to introduce a matrilineal inheritance system in Nanun.


Author: Dr. Danaa Nantogmah

A Political Economist and Development Consultant, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Banking and Finance, University of Professional Studies, Accra and an Adjunct Professor at Bangism Technology University.

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