AWA admits structural limitations to aircraft; apologises to PLWD

African World Airlines has apologised to Rita Kriba, a physically challenged passenger who could not complete her flight to Kumasi last Saturday due to her disability.

Ms Kriba was denied entry into the plane after waiting several hours to board because of her crutches, reports say.

She has begun legal process to get compensation.

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But AWA, in a statement on Monday, said its aircraft has structural limitations for carrying certain categories of wheelchair passengers.

“As such it is boldly written at all our sales points and in our terms of carriage that we only accept the WCHR category (wheelchair passenger who needs assistance on only the ramp) of wheelchair passengers.

“The purpose is solely for safety reasons during times of emergency.”

It said the travel agency should have made the regulations clear to Ms Kriba before selling the ticket to her.

It noted also that no request for special treatment was made for Madam Kriba within 48 hours as per international guidelines.

“We found the service gap to be lack of information from the travel agent who sold the ticket to [her] and therefore will address the issue and ensure it does not recur.”

AWA assured the public that it is sympathetic to the physically challenged.

“We apologise without prejudice to Madam Rita Kriba and assure her steps have been taken to close such service gaps in our operations.”


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