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Goil board chairman ignores Akufo-Addo’s appointment

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Mr. Patrick A.K Akorli

The board chairman of Ghana Oil Company Prof. William Asumaning has accused President Akufo-Addo of sidestepping the due process in removing and appointing chief executive officer for the oil company.

The president fired the CEO and Managing Director of Goil Mr. Patrick A.K Akorli, and appointed Mr. Osei Prempeh to replace him.

His decision has been criticized by some including the Chamber of Petroleum Consumers.

The board chairman of the company has also issued a statement to establish his dissatisfaction. He also disregarded the president’s appointee.

“The Board would like to state emphatically that it is not aware of the observance of such processes as stated in the regulations leading to the appointment of any CEO and that we as a Board have not made any such appointment,” Prof. Asumaning said.

Below is his full statement


Information available to the GOIL Board per a publication on Ghanaweb on Friday, the 24th of February, 2017 captioned “Nana Addo Picks New Heads for Forestry Commission, Ghana Health Service and GOIL” indicates that the new CEO appointed for GOIL is one Mr. Osei Prempeh.

The Board would like to draw the attention of the SHAREHOLDERS and the public to the fact that GOIL is a public listed company on the Ghana Stock Exchange with its own Regulations. The Regulations state the process through which a CEO can be appointed or removed.

The Board would like to state emphatically that it is not aware of the observance of such processes as stated in the regulations leading to the appointment of any CEO and that we as a Board have not made any such appointment.


Prof. William Asumaning (Board Chairman)

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Central Regional Minister commits to work with traditional leaders to transform region

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The Central Regional Minister, Kwamena Duncan has stated that his administration will work with the traditional authorities to help transform the region.

He said the Central region is the first capital of Ghana but the region cannot boast of any development. Rather it is the fourth poorest region in the country, he observed.

He therefore implored all to put their differences aside and work together as a region to achieve their goals.

He was speaking to Onua FM’s Central Regional correspondent Kwame Kakarba when he paid a courtesy call on Nananom (chiefs) of Oguaa Traditional Council at Cape Coast.

Kwamena Duncan added that his office will be opened to everybody in the region especially chiefs.

He also appealed to government and Museum and Monuments Board to consider paying royalties to the Oguaa Traditional Council to enable it raise money to meet some developmental challenges in the town.

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A/R: ECG kick starts mass disconnection exercise

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The Electricity Company of Ghana has cut power supply to about 170 houses and institutions under the Suame District of the company in Kumasi.

This forms part of a mass disconnection exercise the ECG is embarking on to retrieve all the debts owed by customers.

TV3’s Benjamin Aidoo reports ECG officials as saying that only 40 percent of consumers in the region pay their bills regularly.

The exercise took place in areas such as Bantama, Abrepo junction, Suame, Kropo, Breman, Bohyen and other places located in Suame district of ECG.

Those engaged in illegal connections and houses using two phases were all disconnected.

The exercise is expected to be carried out in other parts of the region to enable the company retrieve their cash from consumers.

Others took advantage of the situation to pay their bills to avoid being disconnected.

The public relations manager of the Electricity Company of Ghana, Ashanti region, Erasmus Kyere Baidoo, told TV3 that his outfit is intensifying its revenue collection.

‘’A lot of public institutions owe us and they are not making any efforts to pay for what they have consumed and that is putting a lot of stress and strain on the company’’, he complained.

He served notice that ECG is taking stringent measures to ensure full payment of all outstanding debts ‘’and we are not sparing anybody in this region”.

Several parts of the city have lately being witnessing erratic power supply, which in some instances lasted for days.

He said they have some distribution and transmission challenges that are being addressed.

He said all things being equal, the frequent power outages in most parts of the region will cease by the first week of March.

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Example of Christ’s leadership: a call to build men for God’s kingdom

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Apostle Emmanuel Achim Gyimah and wife Hannah

TOPIC: AN EXAMPLE OF CHRIST’S LEADERSHIP: A CALL TO BUILD MEN FOR GOD’S KINGDOM (Purpose, Job, Cost,Training & and attainment of the fullness of Christ).

TEXT: Mark 1:16-17; Matt. 11:29; John 14:12; Matt. 19:27-30; Acts 20:28; Eph. 4:11-16.


Leadership is God’s idea from the beginning of creation. He created the first man, Adam in His image and likeness to govern or rule over all creation. Hence from the fall of Adam God’s highest concern is searching for credible and visionary leaders. Wherever He finds one, the people, community or Church prospers, grows and develops.


2.1 Leadership is God’s grace, call, and ability to mobilize people and resources under someone to bring about a desirable growth and development in a Church or Community. It is the greatest need in Churches, Communities and nations of the world. Hence God’s greatest concern and search is for servant and visionary leaders” (Emphasis mine).

2.2 A Leader is the one who knows the road very well and is able to guide and direct others along it to the desirable destination”- Aps. Dr. Alfred Koduah.

2.3 “Everything rises and falls by the Leader”-John C. Maxwell.

2.4 “The Church has no financial problems but vision problems”-Rick Warren.

2.5 Jesus called His first disciples with a vision, job, purpose in sight: “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men (Mark 1:16,17); If you believe in me you will do the things that I do, and greater things than these will you do” (John 14:12; see Matt. 4:23). What does Jesus mean by the greater things or works? (Discuss). It was the building of the Church: Winning souls, planting Churches, making of disciples, and equipping them for the work, to maturity and the stature of the fullness of Christ

(Eph. 4:11-16) which will build men to become Visionary Leaders of the Church  by God’s call and grace: Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers.

3.0 What does Paul mean by attaining to the fullness of God as the highest level of Leadership growth? (Acts 6:1-7; Eph.4:11-16; Revelations 5:6; Isaiah 11:1-2)

3.1 The fullness of Christ was revealed to Apostle John in Revelation chapter 5:6 as “The Seven eyes and Seven horns of Christ which symbolizes the Seven Spirits of God sent unto the whole earth for His Church. These Seven Spirits represents the fullness of revelation and authority (Seven Eyes and Seven Horns).

3.2 The Prophet Isaiah’s revelation of Christ in Isa. 11:1-2 fully explains the fullness of Christ which every leader needs for the job of equipping, training, nurturing, disciplining, and mentoring.

The Seven Spirits of God as revealed by Apostle John in Revelation 5:6 are :

*The Spirit of the Lord or Spirit of Lordship.

* Spirit of Wisdom

* Spirit of Knowledge

* Spirit of understanding

* Spirit of power and might

* Spirit of counsel and teaching

* Spirit of the fear of God.


It comes upon leaders who have daily intimate communion or time with God, praying, studying and meditating on His word to hear, see, and receive fresh messages from Christ Himself.

It comes over leaders who pay the price of sacrificing all worldly pleasures and pursuits to follow Christ’s example of doing the Kingdom business with commitment, vision, purpose, passion, Love, humility to add value to people around and under them (Matt. 19:27-30).

Two kinds of Officers especially Elders in the Church from the beginning to date are:

4.1 Those who followed Christ’s Example and that of their Apostles and Pastors have left legacies of good names and great blessings for the Church and their children (Elders Asem and ROD Asare of Ho Area are your clear examples). Mama Christiana Obo and her daughter Eunice Addison from the Central Region are notable examples of Christ’s Leadership). They and their families are blessed beyond measure.

4.2 There are also many Elders and Officers who feel they are not paid for their work in the Church and do it anyhow, some even go to the extent of paying themselves from offerings and tithes but their end is disgrace and poverty (read Zechariah 5:1-5)


5.1 Should be strong in the grace that is in the Lord Jesus Christ to be able to stand and perform (2 Tim. 2:1). Personal devotion everyday to build your spiritual life to maturity.

5.2 To be able to teach, and care for the saints under them (John 21:15-17; Acts 20:28).

5.3 Study the Bible on daily basis with the Church approved Devotional Guide, CoP Constitution, Ministers Handbook, Tenets, Church Calendar of Activities plus programs in them, and all the Ministries Manuals to be abreast with the current trends in the Church, else you will become an irrelevant Leader to the young generation and a problem to yourself by complaining about everything.

5.4 Take your Pastor and his wife as your personal friend to understand his vision and work to support him. Examples of Elders and Deaconesses who have supported us in Ministry at Kumasi, Bolga, Obuasi, and even Accra and their untold blessings eg. Elder Frimpong, Anokye, Aposuyine, Augustine, Deaconesses Juliana Opambour, Cecilia Wiafe.

6.0 The Elder/ Officer must function as: (John 21:15-17; Acts 20:28)

6.1 A Father for all in the Church.

6.2 A Teacher and Counsellor

6.3 A Farmer

6.4 A Coach

6.5 A Mentor/ Friend

6.6 A Shepherd

6.7 A Soldier in the Lord’s army

The above roles and job of Officers call for sufficient preparation through personal devotions, fasting, Bible studies, pursuing higher education, reading wide around the Bible and secular things: health, good nutrition, politics, geography, agriculture, economics, accounting, farming etc. to help and teach your members. Make every effort to add value to your members by learning to acquire deeper knowledge in all things. “You stop learning, you stop leading” is an axiom by John C. Maxwell.

By Apostle Achim Gyimah,

Kaneshie Area Head of The Church of Pentecost

This was first presented at the closing of Ho Area Officers Apostolization Retreat on 18th February 2017.


Divorce of Barclays PLC, Barclays Africa won’t affect banking in Africa – expert

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A banking and finance expert, Dr. Laud Mensah has allayed fears the pulling out of Barclays PLC from Africa could trickle down to other banks.

Barclays Africa Group agreed to terms for operational separation with UK-based Barclays PLC, which is reducing its shareholding in Barclays Africa.

The agreement is however expected to unlock opportunities for Barclays Africa as an independent pan African bank.

Barclays PLC submitted an application to the South African Reserve Bank for approval to reduce its shareholding in Barclays Africa Group to below 50%.

This has raised mixed reactions in the banking sector, with fears that this might trigger more pullouts in the African market.

But speaking with 3FM business, Dr. Laud Mensah assured that there is no cause for alarm.

“The market is growing, Africa is expanding; Barclays had a mission and they have fulfilled it, so that is it. I don’t see this trickling down or a trend developing any moment from now, from the other foreign banks”, he cleared.

He added that the African market is still profitable and viable for more banking investments

“When you talk about profitability Africa is profitable and a frontier market. There is a lot activity on going and I don’t think it’s about profitability. The African market still growing and any bank can survive here”.

By Grace Asare |3FM|

ASP Nanka Bruce’s attacker goes into hiding after Flagstaff Hse assault – Baako reveals

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ASP Bruce Nanka

The Criminal Investigations Department of the police is on manhunt for the member of NPP’s Invisible Forces who assaulted a senior police officer, ASP Nanka Bruce at the Flagstaff House in January.

“The gentleman has gone into hiding” after acting with “impunity”, committing the “lawlessness” at the seat of government, veteran journalist Kweku Baako has revealed.

A video believed to have been captured on January 9, 2017 shows the private security detail of the New Patriotic Party seize and force out a state security personnel, who happens to be ASP Bruce out of his official car in the presence of other helpless security personnel at the Flagstaff House.

The latter part of the less than three minutes video captures how some unseen faces broke into the garage of ASP Bruce and towed away two of his cars.

Contributing to a discussion on this and other lawless acts by NPP vigilante groups, Kweku Baako on Joy FM’s Newsfile said the man who led the attack on ASP Bruce is himself a former police officer.

He disclosed that information available to him indicates that the man’s action was a sort of revenge, due to what happened to him during Mahama’s administration.

ASP Bruce was part of the guards at the Flagstaff House during the John Mahama administration.

The man who led the assault on the officer is apparently one Jalil Bawa, a security aide to then candidate Akufo-Addo who was arrested by the BNI in November 27, last year for allegedly planting something near the Flagstaff House whilst jogging with his colleague Alhassan Abubakar.

Kweku Baako condemning the assault remarked: “The assault at the seat of the president is incredible. I have watched the video and it’s amazing.”

He blamed the security at the Flagstaff House for failing to arrest the attackers on the spot.

Mr. Nanka however filed a complaint with the police administration.

But Mr. Baako revealed that on 21st February he wrote a letter to the police administration that “he is withdrawing his complaint of assault on personal grounds; that he wants unity amongst Ghanaians, the police service and all the rest, that his vehicles that the guys hijacked have been returned to him.”

According to Mr. Baako, his sources informed him that “the CID has decided that despite the withdrawal of his case they will proceed with the investigation”.

He also stated, “My checks only yesterday (Friday) indicated that the gentleman has gone into hiding. He’s himself a former police officer so they know him.

“They are looking for him, to apprehend him and his guys who supported him.”

Meanwhile, has gathered that a soldier who was detained at the Bureau of National Investigations for allegedly leaking the video on assault has been released.

By Isaac Essel| |Ghana

Kim killing suspect ‘was paid $90’

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Siti Aisyah “met some people who looked Japanese or Korean”, Indonesian officials said photo: EPA

An Indonesian woman arrested for the murder of the half-brother of North Korea’s leader has said she was given 400 Malaysian ringgits ($90) to carry out a prank.

Indonesian embassy officials met Siti Aisyah, 25, on Saturday in the Malaysian capital.

She said she was given the cash to smear Kim Jong-nam’s face with “baby oil” as part of a reality show joke.

Tests show Mr Kim was killed with the highly toxic nerve agent VX.

It is classified as a weapon of mass destruction by the United Nations.


Mr Kim died last week after two women accosted him briefly in a check-in hall at a Kuala Lumpur airport.

here is widespread suspicion that North Korea was behind the attack, which it strongly denies.

A Vietnamese woman and a North Korean man have also been arrested in connection with the killing. At least seven other suspects are wanted by police.

After a 30-minute meeting with Siti Aisyah on Saturday, Indonesian Deputy Ambassador Andreano Erwin said: “She only said in general that somebody asked her to do this activity. She only said in general she met with some people who looked Japanese or Korean.

“According to her, that person gave her 400 ringgits to do this activity… She only said she was given a kind of oil, like baby oil.”

The officials said they did not see any physical signs that the suspect had been affected by the chemical.

Vietnamese officials also met their arrested national, Doan Thi Huong, but made no comment.

Malaysia’s police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said on Friday that the presence of the nerve agent had been detected in swabs taken from Mr Kim’s eyes and face.

Mr Kim had sought medical help at the airport, saying someone had splashed or sprayed him with liquid. He then had a seizure and died on the way to hospital.

What is the deadly VX nerve agent?

VX nerve agent, molecular model.

Molecular model of VX nerve agent shows atoms represented as spheres. SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

  • The most potent of the known chemical warfare agents, it is a clear, amber-coloured, oily liquid which is tasteless and odourless
  • Works by penetrating the skin and disrupting the transmission of nerve impulses – a drop on the skin can kill in minutes. Lower doses can cause eye pain, blurred vision, drowsiness and vomiting
  • It can be disseminated in a spray or vapour when used as a chemical weapon, or used to contaminate water, food, and agricultural products
  • VX can be absorbed into the body by inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, or eye contact
  • Clothing can carry VX for about 30 minutes after contact with the vapour, which can expose other people
  • Banned by the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention

Who was Kim Jong-nam?

The well-travelled and multilingual oldest son of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, he was once considered a potential future leader. He has lived abroad for years and was bypassed in favour of his half-brother, Kim Jong-un.

He had been travelling on a passport under the name Kim Chol. North Korea has yet to confirm that the deceased was actually Kim Jong-nam.

For many years, it was believed Kim Jong-nam was being groomed to succeed his father as the next leader.

But that appears to have come to an end in 2001 when Kim was caught sneaking into Japan on a fake passport.

He later became one of the regime’s most high-profile critics, openly questioning the authoritarian policies and dynastic succession his grandfather Kim Il-sung began crafting in 1948.

Source: BBC 

NPP MP to haul Interior Minister to Parl’t over assaults by NPP thugs

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Parliament will summon the Minister for Interior Ambrose Dery to update the house on investigations into recent violent attacks perpetuated by thugs aligned to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP).

There have been several reports of some vigilante groups of the NPP notably the Invisible Forces and Kandahar Boys attacking state institutions and seizing properties belonging to officials of the past NDC government.

Their actions have been condemned roundly including some senior officials in the current government.

The opposition NDC whose members have been at the receiving end held a press conference that was addressed by its chairman asking their members to defend themselves.

At President Akufo-Addo’s maiden state of the nation address, he condemned the attacks and called on the security agencies to act on them.

“I condemn all such conduct, and I call on all political parties, especially the New Patriotic Party and the National Democratic Congress, to ensure that this is the last time such undignified acts occur during our periods of transition.”

However, as concerns grow about on the security agencies are handling the reported cases, Mr. Kwaku Kwarteng revealed on Joy FM’s Newsfile Saturday that he will file an urgent question in Parliament to get the sector minister to update the house.

“I want to commit publicly that on Tuesday I will file that kind of question,” he said, for Ambrose Dery to brief Parliament on “the status of their investigations into all these matters”.

By Isaac Essel || Ghana

Do not patronize ‘borla taxis’

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Residents of Tema have been advised against patronizing the services of ‘borla taxis’ as a measure to curb the increasing rate of indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the Metropolis.

‘Borla taxis’ are tricycles used to collect garbage from households at a fee.

The services of these ‘borla taxis’ are highly patronized in Tema since most of the private waste management companies contracted to cart refuse from houses delay unduly.

Engineer Solomon Noi, Head, Waste Management Department of the Tema Metropolitan Assembly (TMA), who gave the advice, said most of these ‘borla taxi’ operators end up dumping the refuse on the streets, in drainages and behind houses.

Eng. Noi explained that cardboards are put on the sides of the bucket of the tricycles to take more load which invariably makes it too heavy to be carried to landfills so they dump anywhere.

He gave the advice on Thursday during the launch of the “2017 Face of Tema”, a beauty pageant aimed at increasing awareness on sanitation issues in the Tema Metropolis.

This year’s pageant being organized by the TMA in conjunction with Daylight Events, is on the theme, “Environmental Management and Sanitation”.

He said activities of these operators would lead to an outbreak of an epidemic in the Metropolis including cholera, diarrhea, and typhoid if the practice was not stop.

Eng. Noi also called for attitudinal change among residents as according to him, most of the sanitation problems facing Tema emanated from poor appreciation of hygiene and cleanliness.

He stated for instance that some residents had expanded their homes to the extent that sewer manholes where located in their rooms, while traders also dump refuse into sewer lines as most of the metal covers of the manholes had been stolen exposing them to debris when it rained.

He gave the assurance that the TMA, through a Public Private Partnership programme would upgrade the Community Three waste treatment plant to process the Metropolis’ liquid waste to produce water for irrigation, compost for farming and biogas.

The Engineer added that the Kpone landfill site would modernized to process waste into energy, noting however that investors would chicken out if they found out that they could not recoup their investment due to the attitudes of residents.

Ogyedom Ama Tetewaa I, Tema Fantehene, launching the pageant urged religious bodies especially churches to educate their congregants to observe good sanitation practices.

Miss Felicity Naa Amerley Sampa, the maiden winner of Face of Tema, called on institutions, Assembly Members and individuals in the Metropolis to financially support the winner to embark on intensive advocacy on sanitation in the area adding that due to lack of support she had challenges implementing her project.

Source: GNA | Ghana

When you play with dog it licks your mouth – Shatta tells Okraku Mantey

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Shatta Wale

Self-acclaimed dancehall king, Shatta Wale has told the boss of Slip Music, Mark Okraku Mantey, that if he dares play with a dog it will definitely lick his mouth.

A video of the Kakai hit maker went viral on social media especially Facebook this week taking Mark Okraku Mantey to the cleaners for saying his music is not dancehall.

Mark Okraku Mantey was asked to name his favorite dancehall music in an interview with an Accra-based Starr FM, which he responded, “Surprisingly, Shatta Wale calls himself a Dancehall king but scan through his songs for the past two years, the young man is not doing Dancehall”

This did not go down well with Shatta Wale who responded through a social media video.

Explaining his action to Onua 95.1 FM’s Christian Agyei Frimpong, host of Anigyemmre entertainment talk show, Shatta Wale said “there is a proverb in Ga that says when you play with a dog it will lick your mouth which literally means elderly men are supposed to speak like elderly men.”

“Teach a child the way he should go, so that when he grows he will not depart from it, so do the same to me, I’m a child you claim to be the elderly so call and teach me the way,” he said.

“He always tries to say bad things about me in the media, I have kept quiet for long, this recent comment he made about my music really hurt my heart, because dancehall is what feeds me so I have every right to talk about it.”

The musician stated, “He could have gone ahead to name Jupitar as his favorite dancehall artiste, but anything that is not related to me he (Mark Okraku Mantey) will try and drag my name into it.”

“Psalm 32:8 I will instruct and teach you the way you should go, I shall guide you with my eye this is the word of God. If you believe in God you will move positively not negatively” – the sermon of “Apostle” Shatta Wale

By Emmanuel Agyemang /Onua95.1/