Airport Company cautioned against security breaches at entry point

Kotoka International Airport
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The Ghana Airports Company has been cautioned against compromising the country’s security at the Kotoka International Airport with its ongoing renovation exercise.

Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Ernest Adu-Gyamfi, shares an experience of returning from a trip abroad to an airport in darkness.

“When we got into the arrival hall, the whole place was totally dark; immigration officers were using lanterns to process people, and anybody who walks into your country, you cannot take their fingerprints, you cannot take anything and you allow them in,  as far as the security of the country is concerned that is not good,” he observed.

The airport expansion project includes the construction of additional floors and facilities as well as the installation of electrical, mechanical and plumbing works with the goal to ease congestion at the facility.

Rev. Adu-Gyamfi expects the airport company to ensure its standby power generators are running at the point of entry to be able to screen all arrivals in the interest of national security.

He also raised concerns with the long delays in baggage claim on the carousel.

“It takes about an hour and half sometimes waiting for your baggage to arrive; it’s unheard of anywhere,” observed the reverend minister. “Whilst we are expanding the facilities at the arrival hall, we need to look at how do we ensure that the processes of checking through your baggage and bringing them out come as quickly as possible”.


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