Afenyo-Markin pledges university scholarship for talented sketch artist

The Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Kwamina Afenyo Markin, has indicated his readiness to fully support Kwesi Haywood, a pencil artist, to pursue tertiary education if he gains admission into any of the country’s universities.

The promise followed a surprise presentation by the sketch artist of a framed realistic drawing of the MP after he had appeared on TV3‘s Newday on Monday.

An obviously amazed Afenyo Markin could not hide his excitement at the young man’s gesture and talent as he smiled broadly in admiration.

The lawyer, businessman and legislator said, “It is my dream to see such amazing talents also sharpened, and honed academically to enable them contribute holistically to the socio-economic development of the area”.

He also called on other individuals who had the means to help people like Kwesi in their own small ways.

According to Kwesi Haywood, the eloquence, intelligence, optimism, sense of nationalism and the continued quest of the MP to better the lives of his constituents inspired him to initiate the work.

“I am happy he likes the work and actually gave me something to cover the cost of production,” he said.

Kwesi discovered his talent at a very tender age and polished it as a hobby.

But when the strong tides of life hit his family, he decided to pursue it as a career to fend for himself.

His signature ‘Haywood 1876’ depicts the black and white nature of his works, which are dedicated to celebrating achievers during their lifetime.

Gifted Kwesi Haywood has sketched the likes of former UN boss Kofi Annan, Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, Speaker of Parliament Mike Oquaye, international football star Emmanuel Adebayor,  musician Sarkodie, religious leaders and other key personalities.

He is able to sketch and frame phenomenally realistic images in five days at an affordable fee.

Kwesi Haywood thanked his benefactor for believing in his talent and noted, “The scholarship package will lessen my financial load and make me feel motivated and comfortable to study hard and excel in my academic endeavours”.

By Johnnie Hughes||Ghana

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